Will Grey Double Glazing go out of fashion?

Are you considering replacing your white double glazed windows for a more of a modern grey double glazing? However, you may be wondering whether or not grey uPVC windows will go out of fashion in the next few years. The answer to this question is definitely a NO! Anthracite grey double glazing has been a fashion statement for the last three to five years. With the increase demand for anthracite grey window frames, we think it’s highly unlikely that anthracite grey will fall out of favour!

So why choose Anthracite windows?

So why are so many households opting for anthracite grey windows? The fact is that grey is a neutral colour which makes it an easy colour to blend in any existing décor.

Anthracite grey double glazing is extremely popular as it is definitely a unique shade. Grey windows expresses richness and warming appeal. Most Peterborough customers find grey windows stimulating especially as a backdrop is garden photos.

A modern look for any age property

Are you are looking for replacement double glazing for your property? If so then anthracite grey uPVC windows will fit the bill! Grey windows will really contrast against light house bricks which will bring out the historical appearance.

Make your home stand out from the rest!

Do you would to make your house stand out and look completely different than your neighbours? If so all you need to do is replace your current old windows with our stunning grey uPVC windows.

All of our windows are available in all different styles including casement, sliding sash, tilt and turn or even French windows. Every window will be made to measure and openings bespoke to your requirements.

Grey windows offer kerb appeal

The second you change your old windows for anthracite grey this will inject an instant kerb appeal to your Peterborough home! Even a warn-down property will have an instant expression, it does not even cost the earth.

Many households ask if they can have anthracite grey windows at the front of the house and white around the back. The answer is YES. This will keep the cost down whilst offering a stunning appeal to your property. We have even had householders opting for Flush Sash windows at the front and casement on the back.

Do Grey UPVC Windows Fade?

Are you looking for replacement double glazing but are wondering if coloured windows fade? The answer is yes but depending on how these coloured windows are manufactured will depend on how much they will fade.

Like any coloured material over pronged sunlight and change of weather condition this will have an effect on the materials ability to maintain its original colour. However, materials which are used now compared to 10 years ago have advanced exceedingly. To begin with the thickness of the grey film is much thicker than preciously used. This helps to prevent discolouring for at least 15 to 20 years.

How much do grey coloured windows cost?

If you are looking for replacement double glazing but opting for a grey uPVC window instead of traditional white. Then it will cost around 15 to 20% more. However, do not be alarmed, this can be far cheaper than alternative suppliers and alternatives.

As an example uPVC windows and doors would cost around 50% less than aluminium windows and doors. If you were opting for traditional timber windows and doors this could cost twice as much as uPVC.

Other factors which will affect the price would be size, window style, design also how many openings.

Order your stunning grey double glazed windows today!

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