Composite Door Repairs Peterborough

Composite doors are extremely popular throughout Peterborough. They are actually fitted to most new build properties as an alternative upgrade compared to traditional timber or uPVC Doors. Designed with a multipoint locking mechanism is activated when the handles are lifted. When activated it throws a combination of hooks, rollers and bolts into a locked position. When the door key is turned within the Euro cylinder, this multi-point locking mechanism is then locked, preventing entry.

If these composite doors are installed and maintained correctly, then they should last for many years. But if they are not maintained or the door drops and not corrected, then misalignment can occur. This will then develop various faults, until the door itself will fail making the door impossible to lock or even open correctly.

This is why Peterborough Doors offers a comprehensive double glazing repair service covering the Peterborough area. Our composite door repairs technician will fully diagnose the faults that are occurring, then advise on which parts will be needed.

Our double glazing repairs technicians have been highly trained to perform composite door repairs. They are fully qualified and trained to a high standard to carry out all tasks on composite door repairs.

Composite Door Repairs Peterborough

Problems that often occur with Composite Door faults:

  • Replacement Multipoint Mechanism
  • Door Locks replacement
  • Door Handles
  • Weather Seals / Gaskets
  • Hinges
  • Door Dropping
  • Key Turning but handles will not go down
  • Cannot open door

Composite door has Dropped:

You may experience the door handle feeling very stiff or hard to fully lift into the locking position. If the door was installed correctly, then the door frame will be perfectly aligned. However, as new builds move slightly over time, this could cause the door to drop slightly. This will then misalign the locking points on the composite door. There-fore additional force will be required to lock the door.

If you are experiencing this issue then our composite door repairs technician will adjust your composite door back into alignment, then the locks will go smoothly back into the keeps without further force.

Broken Door Mechanism:

If this occurs then may experience the key turning but the handle does not go down. This often occurs when the door is extremely difficult to lock so additional force has been applied to lift the composite door handle. This force will also be applied to the multipoint mechanism, then eventually causing the locking system to brake.

Peterborough Doors has fully trained technicians in composite door repairs. Most of the time they will be able to open the door without damaging the composite door or its working parts. Remove the broken items, then install a replacement fully working parts. The door will then be adjusted iso it is fully re-aligned. All working parts should now work for many years to come.

If you are experiencing any of these issues listed above or would just like a new make over on your door such as: replacement door handles, knockers, spyholes, letterbox etc., then contact our composite door repair service.