uPVC Windows Peterborough

Are you thinking of upgrading the uPVC windows on your property? Did you know that old, worn-out windows will bring down the appearance of your property, they may also lack the ability to withhold harsh weather conditions and poor noise reduction? Poorly fitted uPVC windows will increase your energy bills, making your house less homely.

Did you know that the age of your windows will have a huge impact on your properties value? Replacement windows should be considered as you may wish to sell in the future.

We only install Liniar windows as these are the best uPVC windows on the market and hold the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) energy label.

The windows we install have bevelled edges, this makes them appear slimmer and neater than older style windows, offering a far more modern appearance. You will also be offered the choice of how your window will be hinged – top or side, tilt and turn, or trickle vents.

Security locks are fitted as standard across the Liniar range providing peace of mind, if you require your windows to be fire escapes, then let us know and we will include this within the window design.

All of our products are available in wide range of colours and finishes.

Benefits of Replacement uPVC Windows

  • Did you know that double glazed windows could save you £135 per year compared with single glazed windows
  • Modern windows will enhance the appearance of a property which could make it easier to sell your home.
  • Double glazed windows have a small carbon footprint, as you will use less fuel as the (CO2) is leaving your home is far less, therefore less impact to global warming.
  • Our Liniar uPVC windows will provide you peace in mind due to the higher security locking mechanism and stronger safer glass.
  • Triple glazing and double glazing will insulate your home from heat loss, draughts and unwanted noise outside.

uPVC Window Range Peterborough

Window Colour Options

An addition to the standard white, we also offer three different woodgrain shades, elegant Mahogany, warm Golden Oak, also our gorgeous Cherrywood. We also offer duel colour windows, which means that you can specify a woodgrain of your choice on the outside, while maintaining white on the inside. This will allow your uPVC windows to look fantastic inside and outside. Duel window colour will allow you to enjoy the reflections of light from your white interior frames, while providing a striking colour finish on the outside of your window. Or if you require a single colour, this will bring the colour in doors providing a statement of beauty within your home.

We offer a huge 13 eye-catching window shades including; striking Green, Grey and Cream. Or why not choose from our extravagant selection of woodgrains like the Rustic Cheery, Irish Oak and An Teak.

Our uPVC woodgrain finishes are so good that you can hardly tell them apart from the real thing!

Window Security

All of our uPVC windows have exceptional security features. With a huge range of Kenrick and Yale window security locks, you can be reassured that your property and family will be kept safe and secure.

Looking for Aluminium Windows?

We install Aluminium windows too! Whether you are looking to purchase aluminium windows for your home, new build project or even an extension we will supply and install for you. We also install for commercial projects such as schools, commercial building and office buildings. Our aluminium window range is so versatile that they are perfect for any project.