uPVC French Windows Peterborough

Peterborough uPVC French Windows are available in our standard EnergyPlus range offering a characteristic style of double glazed window to contour the appearance of your home, with the combination of practicability also being able to be used as a fire escape.

Our uPVC French windows are available in a wide range of colours, they also include our high security window locking mechanisms, offering slim sight lines maximising light.

When you order our uPVC French windows there will be no more need to worry about draughts, our exclusive double-action bubble gasket, used within our double glazed windows, maintains leak-free and weather proofing within the uPVC French window, delivery a continuous seal.

Peterborough uPVC French windows can be internally or externally beaded, available in bevelled or curved window 70mm window frames. Either 28mm double glazed or 36mm triple glazed windows.

Choice either our standard 4-chamber profile which provides excellent energy efficiency, or upgrade to the 6-chamber profile offering A+WER (Window Energy Rating) as standard. We also offer a wide range of glazing options, window hardware, finishes and choice of window colours.