Bifold Doors Peterborough

Bifolding doors, otherwise known as folding doors, have become increasingly popular over recent years. The popularity of bifolding doors has arisen due to their excellent panoramic view to the outside whilst maximising the opening to the outdoors. Whilst opening these bifolds, the doors concertina into one another making it an ideal solution for either replacing an existing French or Patio door.

Aluminium bifold doors and uPVC bi-folding doors are available in a wide range of styles and configurations. All folding door styles are available opening inwards or opening outwards.

Are you looking for an aluminium bifold door that glides seamlessly to one side of the room? These beautiful bifold doors will flood any room with natural light. Simply slide the folding doors outwards to allow ample fresh air into your room.

By purchasing a Bi-fold door will completely transform your room. These doors have the ability to either open partially or completely depending on the allocated space available. By opening these doors fully

Bifold Door Key Features:

Smooth Aluminium Door Peterborough


These stunning bi-fold doors offer the same quality as they do in design. With our sophisticated roller system delivers an effortless smooth glide.

Smooth Aluminium Door Peterborough


Beautiful, clean and sleek door design. These aluminum doors are superbly manufactured with the ability to have powder coated colours on either side

Best Aluminium Door Peterborough


All frames are installed with enhanced door security features. With high strength shoot-bolts and a multi-point locking system.

Warm Aluminium Door Peterborough


These bi-folding doors are industrial made with high quality materials. With enhanced thermal break keeps the heat in whilst the cold out.

Grey aluminium bi-folds Peterborough

Quality Designed Bifold

This is not just an ordinary bi-folding doors system! Comprising of a stainless-steel rail with roller wheels distributes the load equally. This allows the maximum smoothest glide possible with undisturbed motion. The top and bottom outer frame seals this system offering a sealed locking feature. Not forgetting the highly versatile double crimped and bonded sash joints for the perfect finish.

Superior Performance Doors

Our bifold doors distributes an exceptional weather performance due to its unique ultra-low thermal bridging. Combined with industrial leading Q-Lon frame seals with brushed pile draught seals delivers an extremely well-sealed unit.

Grey aluminium bi-folds Peterborough
Affordable bi-folding doors Peterborough

Stylish and functional door

The exclusive hardware complements the overall finish of this bi-fold door. With ultra-thin sightlines and hidden fitted glazing seals, offers a stunning panoramic view.

Trickle vents can be fitted into the frame head with no additional cost.

Integrated blind option

When purchasing your new bifold door you will can easily upgrade your glass to integrated blinds. These magnetic controlled blinds are built within the glass therefore will not get damaged when closing the doors. They will also never get damaged or dirty which is a bonus.