Window Lock Repair Peterborough

Our Peterborough Window technician performs window lock repairs on a daily basis. With many years of experience in either fixing, repairs or replacing broken window locks. Leaving our clients windows fully functional and operational.

Stuck Window Locks

We are called numerous times per day by our Peterborough customers due to jammed window locks. Windows that are either jammed closed or will not close. Our Peterborough window technician can easily open and gain entry to the window lock, either repair or replace the window lock.

Broken window locks and broken window handles

UPVC windows are extremely popular due to their robustness, appearance, energy efficiency and noise reduction capabilities. UPVC windows will last for decades, however the window locking mechanism will often go well before the window itself. As the lock and mechanism are mechanical and constantly be used, they will need maintenance to keep them in good working order. If or when they fail, then it is cheaper to replace the window lock or mechanism than the full window itself.

Replacement window handles

Daily operation causes friction which can lead to a damaged window handle. If your window handles become loose or none functional then it is time to replace your window handles. The window handles is vital as its operation controls various security functions for the window.

Window lock repair

Window locks can accidently break due to constant use which causes wear and tear. When replacing the window lock it is vital to replace it with either the exact system or a very close locking system.

Many customer think it is necessary to replace the entire window. This can be extremely expensive compared to window repairs.

So if you notice any window locks that are not functioning correctly, then contact or window technician as a matter of urgency to prevent any future inconveniences or window security issues!