Window & Door Repairs Peterborough

We at Peterborough Doors offer a professional window and door repairs to homes throughout the Peterborough area. We understand how much it costs to replace windows and doors, this is why we offer competitive prices for all aspects for double glazing, uPVC windows and all types of external doors. From a chip in the glass to and upgrade in your security.

Our window and door repairs include:

  • Broken or loose door and window handles
  • Stiff or damaged hinges
  • Window or door security issues
  • Damaged or misted double glazed units
  • Resealing of windows and door frames.

Window and Door Servicing Peterborough

As uPVC windows and doors age they begin to require maintenance once or twice a year. We offer a window and door servicing which will incorporate cleaning and lubricating all working parts ensuring that your windows and doors will work efficiently.

When you purchase uPVC windows and doors the manufacturing guarantee will normally only cover 1 year for handles, hinges, locks and other mechanical parts. Once this period has elapsed, we recommend using our window and door servicing, to ensure that your windows and door last for many years to come.

Window and Door Lock Servicing Peterborough

Window and door locks have a tendency to move after a period of time. If this is the case then they will need re-positioning. Often customers believe that the windows and door locks are not operating correctly and replaced. Replacing window and door handles can be quite costly compared to our window and door servicing. With a slight re-adjusting your window and door should feel like brand new, this will cost a fraction of the cost compared to replacement window and door handles.

Window & Door Sealant Servicing Peterborough

The sealant which goes around the edge of the window and doors often discolour and attract dirt and grime. Not only does it look terrible but will cause the windows and doors to malfunction if not treated. The sealant which is applied around the windows and doors is applied to seal the window and door expansion gap. The purpose is to prevent wind, weather and insects from entering your home. We at Peterborough window and door servicing company, will remove that old sealant. We will replace this with our weather resistant sealant, then install an uPVC trim over the top so that your windows and doors look great again.

Window and Door Drainage

Over time the drainage holes which are fitted within the window and door frames can become blocked. This will affect the function of your windows and doors and water which occurs will not be able to escape through these specially designed holes. If this is the case then it could cause your windows to condense and mist up. Which could lead to further issues within the sealed unit. If you are experiencing water pooling within your window or door frame then contact our servicing team immediately.

Window Board Servicing

Often the internal window boards get damaged or even warped. If this is the case then contact our Peterborough window servicing team and we will replace them for you. By replacing your window boards will change the appearance of the internal side of your window making it look much newer.

Replacement Locks, Handles and Hinges

Are you experiencing difficulties with your locks, hinges or handles? If so contact our window and door servicing team and if they are damaged and cannot be serviced then we will replace them.

Your window and door locks, hinges and handles will be initially covered by your manufacturing guarantee. Once your initial year elapses, then it will be down to you to have these mended or replaced.

We are often called out to service or replace old warn down handles and locks which the previous double glazing company has went bust, so no longer obtains these handles and locks. We however have many trade accounts where we can purchase these handles, locks and hinges so that your windows and doors will work smoothly once again.

If however your handles are extremely old and no longer manufactured, we will therefore obtain the nearest we can to this feature as possible.

Multi-point Locking Mechanism Servicing Peterborough

Many modern doors obtain a multi-point locking mechanism which is designed to enhance the security of the door. These features include shoot-bolts, hook and claws, five lever door security barrel, anti-bump, snap and drill barrels. If you find that your door mechanism is not functioning correctly then contact our door servicing team Peterborough. We can either service these parts or replace them, whatever is necessary.