Patio Doors

Patio Doors otherwise known as a sliding door are designed as a large glass window opening providing door access to your garden or patio. Patio Doors large opening offers fresh air, and ample natural light into your home.

Patio Doors are normally designed consisting of two door panel sections. One Patio door is normally fixed whilst the other door being mobile. We also offer a wall sized patio door which has more patio door panels, which move into wall pockets, completely disappearing showing a wide open indoor-outdoor room experience.

Patio door glass can either be externally fitted or internally fitted, internally fitted patio door glass is more secure. All of our patio door glass is either double glazed or triple glazed, complying with energy conversation codes and noise reduction. All patio doors are manufactured using the highest quality Grade UPVC, ensuring that your uPVC Patio Doors will never discolour turning yellow or pink.

Our patio doors are extremely modern and slim line. These doors are ideal for any Peterborough home which is looking for a space-saving door. Patio doors are available in either 2, 3 or 4 leaf options. Patio doors combine safety and security whilst delivering natural light into the room.

Patio Door Features

All of our patio doors are fully welded and reinforced. For extra security they are also internally glazed. Our patio doors can either be fully glazed or fitted with a mid-rail to suit other features of your property. Patio doors are available in either uPVC or aluminium. They are also fully fitted with high security multi-point locking mechanisms as stand security.

To meet the demands of our Peterborough customers we supply an extensive range of 20 solid colours and woodgrain finishes. With a variety of different foils and trims we can reassure you that we have the ideal Patio door for you.