Sliding Sash Windows

Our Peterborough Sash Windows are the latest exciting development from the Peterborough window range. Sliding Sash windows are commonly known as Vertical Sliding Windows. They offer the realism of traditional timber windows combined with 21st century thermal benefits.

Many Peterborough property owners require a traditional timber window frame, this may be due to planning or environmental restrictions. Importantly, timber window frames tend to be extremely expensive, require regular maintenance, not forgetting can be difficult to replace.

On contrast, we recognise the requirement to develop a casement window that will can be fitted into any Peterborough property. As a result this is why the vertical sliders are fitted flush into the frame, which can then be foiled to look like traditional timber, or with a lustrous contemporary finish.

Our flush windows, similar to the rest of our Energy Plus window range are A- rated as standard. With emphasis these are low costing double glazed windows with higher thermal benefits especially compared to traditional timber windows. UPVC vertical sliding windows have a much high security performance than timber vertical sliding windows.

These sash windows are available in sculptured profile with the flush finish on external faces. They can also be manufactured 28mm double glazed or triple glazed windows. Internally beaded, including a wide range of opening configurations, colours, finishes, hardware and glazing

What are the benefits of Sliding Sash Windows?

  • You can maintain a traditional style window with all of the uPVC benefits
  • UPVC sash has a top and bottom slider, more air ventilation.
  • Balanced load mechanism. Makes it much easier to open and close compared to traditional timber vertical sliders.
  • Very low maintenance. Sliding sash have a tilt function which allows the window to tilt for easy cleaning inside and out.
  • Horns can be added if necessary to provide a more traditional look.
  • Astragal bars and Georgian bars can be installed during manufacturing.
  • Traditional style hardware can be fitted to enhance the traditional style
  • All joints can be engineered to replicate timber joints.
  • A security bar is installed for added security
  • All glass are toughened for peace of mind
Sliding Sash Windows Peterborough, Vertical Sliders

Sliding Sash Designs

We can replicate near enough any traditional Sash Windows that you may have in your Peterborough home.

Whether it is replacing your bay window, Bow window which are very common in old style properties. However, when installed correctly the appearance is so impressive.

Shaped windows can also be replaced as we can do bespoke in design. This allows your home to maintain its natural appearance and charm.

Vertical Sliding Windows Designs Peterborough

How to operate vertical sliding windows

The sliding uPVC windows function just like wooden box sash windows. The bottom and top sashes sliding up and down to suit your ventilation requirements.

These vertical sliding windows are extremely easy to operate. Both sashes work independently which are balance to perfection by an internal load mechanism. This mechanism is carefully designed to hold the sash at any height required.

Sliding Windows Peterborough

Sash Windows are easy to Cleaning

UPVC Sliding Sash Windows do not require any sanding or painting like traditional timber windows. PVC-U windows will not rot, flake peel or rust. All they require is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

UPVC Sash windows will even sliding up and down just like timber windows. However, the window can be tilted inwards for easy cleaning. So consequently you can clean your windows from the inside.

Sash Windows Peterborough

Energy Efficient and Environmental Windows

Windows designs do not just need to keep the weather out and allow adequate light in. They also need to consider the environment too!

These sash windows are lead-free, with the Low-E double glazed units keeps the heat inside your home subsequently reducing the overall heat bill as well. With brush seals that surround the openings, this prevents even the slight draught from entering through these windows.

All of our Sash Windows can be recycled which helps the environment.

Sash Windows Energy Rating Peterborough