Replacement uPVC Door Panels Peterborough

If your uPVC door is now appearing to look old and weathered, it may be time for a replacement uPVC door panels. By keeping your existing door frame and just replacing the panel itself could say you a fortune.

A uPVC door panel is much easier to change than a full door. Many Peterborough customers purchased their uPVC door and choice a design that they liked at that time. However, as time goes on and new designs arrive, this allows you to choose a new design which will look new again.

If your uPVC panel as become damaged and warn or even the glass is broken then contact Peterborough Doors today! We offer a free quote on hundreds of different designs and colours.

If you wish to update a uPVC door panel then there are few things that you must decide beforehand.

  • Style of door panel
  • Colour
  • Thickness (depending on current frame thickness)
  • Design of door
  • Reinforcement
  • Hardware (knockers, spyhole also letterbox)
UPVC Door Panels Replacement Peterborough

Replacement Door Furniture

If your old door furniture is starting to look warn but the panel is still in good condition then why not just change your hardware.

We can replace your existing letterbox, handles, knocker and spyhole.

Door Furniture Replacement Peterborough