Tilt & Turn Windows Peterborough

Our Peterborough tilt & turn windows are available in either standard 4-chamber profile or the 6 chamber profile offering A+ Window Rating. The tilt & turn windows are a European design, tilt and turn windows allows you to let fresh air into your home while offering maximum security.

The opening style of this uPVC window provides great options for cleaning from inside your home (in the turn position) and secure ventilation (in the tilt position).

The tilt and turn windows provide a greater scope for larger openings than traditional casement windows, ideal for high-rise as well as low-rise applications, with fantastic thermal performance is facilitated by the larger panes of glass.

The tilt and turn windows are perfect as fire escape windows, or extremely good in maximising fresh air. These tilt & turn windows are available in both “tilt before turn” or “turn before tilt” options.

Our tilt and turn windows can be fitted with either standard locking or upgraded to the high standard security fittings which meets the latest and highest security windows standards.

Choosing Peterborough uPVC tilt & turn windows ensures that you no longer need to worry regarding draughty windows, our idiosyncratic, patented double-action bubble gasket, ensures continual seal even around the window corners. This ensures leak-free and weather proof uPVC windows.

These uPVC tilt and turn windows are available in bevelled or curved profiles, a choice of 28mm double glazed windows or 36mm triple glazed windows. The uPVC tilt & turn windows can be internally or externally beaded.