UPVC Door Repairs Peterborough

UPVC doors are extremely popular, designed with a multi-point locking mechanism makes the uPVC door ideal for any Peterborough residence.

However, over time these doors may drop which means that the locking position may get misaligned. Further faults will occur making the uPVC door difficult to open and close correctly.

This is why Peterborough Doors offers a comprehensive uPVC Door Repairs covering the Peterborough area. Our qualified technicians will fully diagnose any faults occurring with your uPVC door.

Our double glazing repairs technician carries many spare parts in his van. Nevertheless, more specialist parts can easily be sourced from our network of windows and doors suppliers.

UPVC Door Repairs Peterborough

Typical doors repairs:

  • Replacement uPVC door lock mechanism
  • Fitting new lock keeps and striking plates
  • Changing the cylinder / lock.
  • Installing thumb-turn cylinder
  • Replacing uPVC door hinges and handles
  • Fitting or changing letterbox.
  • Installing spyholes and knockers
  • Repairing or replacing shoot bolts
  • Replacing damaged drip bars. Gaskets and draught brushes.

Common Door Lock problems

  • Jammed uPVC door
  • Key stuck in lock
  • Cannot lock uPVC door
  • UPVC door will not open
  • Key will not turn in lock
  • Key keeps turning and door will not unlock
  • Cannot lock uPVC door
  • Door lock is broken
  • Door handle is broken – will not operate
  • Handle is loose
  • Mechanism does not operate -broken
  • Sticking mechanism
  • Cylinder is not working
UPVC Door Lock Replacement Peterborough

Common Problems with uPVC Doors

Door lock is Stuck

There are normally two different reasons for this problem:

Key will not turn fully in lock

If the key goes into the lock but will not fully turn then the lock is either faulty or there is an alignment issue with your uPVC door and frame. The multi-point locking mechanism may have failed otherwise the security bolt or hooks have jammed.

UPVC door will not shut properly

Lock has not been adjusted correctly or warn loose. Otherwise, door rubber has moved and stopping door from shutting correctly.

Door handle floppy

If you try to lift the door handle but it feels floppy, the common cause is that the handle is now faulty and is worn. Otherwise, it could be the locking mechanism itself.

If you are experiencing any faults to your uPVC door then do not hesitate in contacting Peterborough Doors for uPVC doors repairs!