Glass Replacement Peterborough

If you have either noticed steam or condensation inside your double glazing windows, then contact our window technician to have this replaced. Have you detected either a cracked or broken window, then contact us immediately to repair or replace it!”

Replacement Glass Services:

  • Single glass units
  • Replacement window units
  • Replace glass for uPVC door
  • Toughened glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Broken bifold glass
  • Cracked French door glass
  • Patio door glazing replacement
Replacement glass condensation Peterborough

With many years of experience in replacing broken windows or misty windows. We can replace windows with condensation, misty or even broken. Providing window repairs throughout Peterborough.

Upgrading sealed window units

Due to the energy crises it makes sense for homeowners to upgrade their windows to A-rated units. However, if you have perfectly good window frames and cannot afford to replace the full window, then replacing the glass only is a good option.

Not all double glazing is the same! Many older properties have poor energy efficient windows which literally don’t keep the house warm. The higher the energy rating the overall better the performance of the window. But there is a trade off on how much you may be willing to spend. Whether you are a fixed budget, or an investor who wants to improve the property for his client, everyone has a budget in mind. So by upgrading just the glass units will be a fraction of changing the whole double glazing.