French Doors Peterborough

The French Doors extensive opening allows unrestricted access to your Peterborough home. They also ensures maximum ventilation and practical entry into your garden or patio area.

We offer exterior French doors and interior French doors in a variety colours including; white, rosewood or grey or light oak. Our French Doors come with a choice of designs to suit your requirements, full glass or decorative Georgian Bar, Square Lead or Diamond Lead.

All of our energy efficient uPVC French Doors are manufactured using the highest quality Grade UPVC, ensuring that the  high quality grade UPVC French Doors will never discolour or turn yellow or even pink.

French doors open either inwards or outwards, with a left or right hand master door the choice is yours. Our French Doors come fitted with a set of handles on both doors unlike some DIY French doors. We offer a choice of chrome, gold, black or white French door handles.

French Door Security & Performance

All of our French doors are installed with enhanced security protection, offering our Peterborough homeowners peace of mind. The security for our French doors are second to none.

Our French doors have multi-point shoot-bolt system not forgetting a unique corner drive which delivers maximum security. The corner drive offers an additional 400% more shoot-bolt contact than traditional flat shoot-bolts. Pressure is also reduced from the hinges maximising the overall life span of the French Doors. Other door security features include pre-compression rollers and anti-lift bolts.

When it comes to French Doors and security, not only do all of our French doors exceed industrial standards, but they also extremely secure offering the best protection and peace of mind.