• Grey Double Glazing Windows Peterborough

Will Grey Double Glazing go out of fashion

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Will Grey Double Glazing go out of fashion? Are you considering replacing your white double glazed windows for a more of a modern grey double glazing? However, you may be wondering whether or not grey uPVC windows will go out of fashion in the next few years. The answer to this question is definitely

  • Grey Composite door Peterborough

What to look out for when buying a composite door

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Buying a composite door By choosing the right composite door will not only keep your home safe and secure but will improve the overall kerb-appeal as well. This guide will provide you with some useful tips on what you need to keep your eye open for when buying a composite. Door Considerations When choosing

  • Affordable Cost Price Double Glazed Windows in Peterborough

Cost for Double Glazed Windows in Peterborough

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Cost for Double Glazed Windows in Peterborough Are you annoyed with wasting money on your heating bills due to draughty windows?  The best solution would be to replace your double glazing with A-rated double glazed windows which do not cost the earth. We have vast experience in dealing with draughty windows throughout Peterborough. We

  • Double glazed windows with Trickle vents

What are trickle vents in double glazing?

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What are trickle vents in double glazing? Over the last couple of decades there has been a huge progression when it comes to double glazing. In addition modern windows are now extremely energy efficient and if installed correctly.  To ensure a window is weatherproof, firstly it must be sealed with silicone around the frame.

  • Double Glazing Maintenance

Routine window maintenance will extend your double glazing life

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How to extend the life of your double glazing. Peterborough homeowners are no longer content with their double glazed windows and doors just looking nice. It is essential that a home is energy efficient, safe and secure, not forgetting resistant to any harsh weather condition. This means that all double glazing must perform to

  • Double Glazing Trends Peterborough

The latest 2021 double glazing trends that you need to know!

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The latest 2021 double glazing trends that you need to know! No home improvements or project can be complete without featuring beautiful double glazing in some form. From energy efficient double glazed windows to aluminium bifold doors, or even a stunning lantern roof. All of these double glazed products maximise the natural light into