Integral Blinds

Stylish, modern, maintenance-free fully integrated window blinds within sealed units for Bi-fold doors, windows and conservatories

Integral blinds otherwise known as integrate blinds or in-between glass blinds, are the perfect solution for blinds for bi-folding doors and patio doors.
Integral blinds provides the sophisticated attendance of Venetian blinds while delivering fanciful benefits such as not needing to clean them and no risk of damage to the slats. Integral blinds offer the ideal solution while controlling shading and privacy within your home. These blinds are ideal for domestic homes, commercial buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, caravans and lodges.

So what makes integral blinds so unique?

These Venetian blinds are installed between two planes double glazed glass, making a fully integrated sealed window unit. These window blinds are either operated a remote control unit allow multiple blinds to operate simultaneously or via our advanced manual operating system. These blinds are also available in triple glazing sealed units.
The integral blinds are available in either Venetian or Pleated design. All our units are hermetically sealed, Argon filled and conform to B5EN 1279 and are fully CE accredited.

Integrated Blinds Benefits

  • Manually operated lever for precise control
  • Only available on 28mm units
  • Renote control operated or magnetic sliding available
  • Can be tilted to regulate the level of light and heat control
  • Cannot get dusty or damaged as its in a sealed unit
  • Provides excellent heat control and privacy
  • Can be combined with high performance energy rated glass
  • Choice of 9 coloured slats
  • Aluminium blades can be raised, lowered and tilted to effectively diffuse the light and obscure outside visioninto your home.
  • Priced from £200 each