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Composite Doors Peterborough

Peterborough Doors offer an excellent selection of Composite doors. All Composite doors come with a multi-point locking system, toughened Pilkington energy saving safety glass, reinforced frames and panels and not forgetting a full 10 year guarantee. Excellent value Composite doors.

Our Composite doors not only keep your home safe and secure but also look good too and guarantee never to warp, rot or discolor. With Peterborough largest selection of UPVC doors available to buy today, you can be sure to find the right door at Peterborough Doors UK.

Our Composite doors are available in white, light oak or rosewood and come with an excellent choice of furniture to compliment your already great looking UPVC door.

Peterborough Doors is a family business and we guarantee to supply your family with excellent quality UPVC and Composite doors.

2 Panel 1 Arch Composite Doors – Peterborough
A two panel, one arch Composite door with a large glass feature. This model comes with chrome hardware and fittings as standard. As with all orders from Peterborough Doors, the glass is constructed using Styppolite technology for a tough and durable finish. Ten different designs of glass are available but this door comes with Crystal Externity as standard which is perfect for such a large glass Composite door.

4 Panel 2 Square Composite Doors – Peterborough

A two panel, two square and one arch composite door that features 3 glass designs which can be altered to suit your needs and specifications. Gold fittings and hardware come as standard and set this model apart from rivals. This Composite door is approved by the Official Police Security Initiative as are all Composite doors supplied by Peterborough Doors.

4 Panel 1 Sunburst Composite Doors Peterborough

A four panel Composite door with sunburst glass design which can be customised to different degrees of frosting’s depending on what you need. Gold hardware is fitted as standard and can be easily interchanged if you require a different fitting. As with all Composite doors this model is designed to withstand warping and peeling and is custom built by our craftsmen based on your order.

Diamond Composite Doors

A solid composite door with a diamond shaped Stippolyte glass feature, this door comes with black fittings and can be customised to varying degrees of frosting. As with all Composite doors glass/windows are manufactured using Stippolyte glass they are designed to be tougher than regular class and last the lifetime of your door.

Peterborough Doors is a family business and we guarantee to supply your family with excellent quality Composite doors within the Peterborough area.

composite front doors Peterborough

Composite Front Doors Peterborough

A Composite front doors speaks volumes about your property. You can now make even more of a statement by installing one of our composite front doors with a range of contemporary furniture suites which will transform a boring front entrance into a real fantastic looking feature.

Choose from the Long Bar handle suite, the ultra-modern Square suite, the elegant Bow Handle suite, or the timeless Classic suite.


Composite Back Doors Peterborough

Many homeowners believe that a composite back door is less significant than a composite front door, due to the back doors not being seen as often. The fact is that back doors are even more important as research indicates that a back door is more likely to be targeted by a burglar as they are out of sight and generally a much inferior door.

Choosing one of our selection of composite back doors seems like the perfect choice to keep your family and possessions safe.

Composite Back Doors Peterborough