Coloured Double glazed window frames

Coloured double glazed windows and doors are become increasingly popular. Many homeowners are now moving away from the traditional white windows and now opting for a more of an individualised colour instead. Previously homeowners would be focused on energy efficient double glazing. Subsequently, these windows would be energy efficient, environmental friendly, not forgetting aesthetically pleasing to say the least.

As double glazing colour trends continue to rise, this helps to bring down window colour prices. Double glazing manufacturers are definitely responding to this demand. Each year there are more double glazing colour options available. There is even an options for customised (bespoke) your own colour. Different patterned glass styles have also become popular. Patterned glass is often used as an obscured glass for rooms such as bathrooms and entrance door side panels. Many homeowner who require a glass back door for instance will opt for a patterned glass style.

We are therefore writing this blog to explore the benefits of coloured double glazing windows and doors. Not only this but we will also be discovering how to enhance your properties kerb appeal. You can then decide whether or not you should choose to purchase your double glazing in a coloured frame or a traditional white frame.

Grey Window Frames

Since 2020 there has been a major increase in homeowners choosing grey instead of white double glazing. With so many shades of grey available, makes it much easier to select a grey that will perfectly match your new door. When upgrading your windows there are also so many styles to choose from. So getting the right style and colour is ever so important.

If you are looking for a more of an elegant colour grey then double glazing in agate grey delivers a more of a modern feel. The agate grey draws you in whilst offering a sleek effect. No matter what grey windows you are looking for your home will look stunning!

In addition to improving the style and look of your property, many customers agree that changing the existing white windows to grey double glazing has provided a financial benefit as well.  There has also been lots of research into the effects of grey windows on a property. The research indicates that there is usually a significant increase in a property if they have grey windows installed.

Many homebuilders are installing grey windows to escalate the kerb appeal of their properties. A home with grey windows is much more alluring than standard white windows.

Black Window Frames

Black double glazed window frames are increasingly popular due to its vibrant colour. Glazed windows with black frames can be installed to near enough any structural building or colour scheme. The Black frames will go with anything, just like a black suit for instance. No matter what décor you have, black will go with it.

Many homeowners believe black windows will stick out due to being so dark compared to a wall surface. However, when you a sitting at home looking through the window the black frames just blend in naturally.

Black vs white windows?

Though we have praised black windows, nevertheless they are sometimes not suited for some rooms or properties. Those rooms that have all white décor and furniture, black may stand out a little. White uPVC windows may be best suited for these as white will blend in more naturally. White uPVC windows will also amplified natural light into a room making it appear more airy. Black window frames are extremely effective when empowering a more traditional main house from a contemporary extension.

Chartwell Green Windows

Chartwell green windows will make any home or office look graceful. Are you are looking for replacement windows and considering a more of a classic colour? If so then chartwell will be ideal for you! Not only is this green perfect for a traditional style home, it is also best suited within a country-style property.

Cream Windows

White is typically the default color for doors and windows. This is because it blends in with most other colors, which makes it easy to paint over if you want to change the color at a later date. But white can also make your home feel sterile and uninviting. If you’re looking for something new, try opting forCream instead of white – it will provide an extra level of warmth that will make your home more inviting.

We hope we helped make this process easier by providing some tips on choosing the best windows and doors colour for your home. If you’re still unsure, contact our friendly team and we will be happy to provide further advice and inspiration!