Double Glazing has failed – Double Glazing Repairs

As a double-glazing repairs expert, we are often asked question in regards to failed double glazing. To help you understand whether or not it has failed, it is very important for you to understand what double glazing actually is.

Double glazing comprises of two panes of glass put together with a thermally efficient spacer bar between them. The thickness of modern double-glazed unit is around 28mm thickness. This unit is sealed together by using a hot liquify adhesive. This double glazing unit is now sealed which means that all of the air is now trapped between the two panes of glass. If the double glazing is A-rated, then gas is applied and trapped between the two panes of glass instead. Now that the gas or air is trapped within the glazing unit, this acts as an insulated barrier. Therefore, preventing heat from escaping via the window whilst preventing cold air entering a home via the window.

When gas is installed to glazing, this is much more energy efficient which allows the glazing to become A-rated.

Why is my double glazing misting up?

If the seal which surrounds the double glazing glass breaks down, or is damaged in some way, then condensation will build up. As this unit is no longer sealed, air and moisture can move freely inside of this glazing unit. Therefore, this is no longer a sealed unit and will no longer act as a barrier keeping the warm air in whilst cold elements out.

There are numerous reasons why a sealed double glazing window will break. Sometimes it can down to the age of the glazing. Many sealed units will last between 5 to 10 years. If the window frame is in poor condition or is manufactured from a poor supplier. Many problems occur during the installation process. Many installers are not really qualified in double glazing installation. If the windows are not correctly measured and installed correctly, this will without doubt lead to issues. Sometimes customers may clean their windows with various window cleaning products. Sometimes the chemicals within this solution can slowly damage the seal.

If my window seals have broken, should I replace my windows?

During the summer months the window units may not appear to be very urgent nor important. Nevertheless, when it comes to the summer months, your home will be much colder with broken units. During the winter months leaking double glazed units will allow energy to abscond through the window, making your home much colder. Not forgetting, making your fuel bills much more expensive.

Not only will these failed units cost you more, they are also so much unsightly! So to be quite clear, it is definitely worth replacing these units for energy efficient glazing.

Is it easy to replace misty glazing units?

For those Peterborough homeowners who have either uPVC windows or Aluminium windows, it is very easy and simple to change misty sealed units. However, for those with timber frames this could be considerably more expensive.

Can I change my glazing without changing the window frames?

It is far cheaper to just change your double glazing units rather than the compete window itself.

As long as the window frame is in good condition our window repair technician will simply measure the glazing unit and then replace it for an energy efficient sealed unit. When you ring for double glazing repairs, this will be the perfect opportunity to upgrade your glass for A-rated units. This will safe you much more in the long run with your heating bills.

What is condensation on the inside or outside of my window?

If you have condensation on the inside of your glass then this is due to a build up of condensation that cannot escape your room or property. This will need addressing as an act of importance otherwise further damage such mold will occur. A build of condensation often occurs when there is no ventilation which can be amplified with cloths drying or if the dryer is on.

To help prevent condensation build up on the inside of the window, trickle vents can be introduced. This allows a natural air flow inside and out side of your home without the requirement of opening the window. If you have not got trickle vents then the window should be opened throughout the day or night to allow this condensation to escape.

What is condensation on the outside of the window?

If you discover condensation build up on the outside glass, do not be alarmed! This is purely down to the outside temperature, so you double glazing is working perfectly. As the daytime temperature increases you will notice ethe condensation disappearing.

The most popular times of the year this occurs is during the Spring and Autumn. This is when the temperature drops significantly during the nighttime. Then in the morning there a high lever of moisture especially with morning dew. Condensation occurs when this cold moisture establishes itself against the outer pane of glass.

If you are discovering problems with your double glazing, then contact our double glazing repairs technician. Who will offer a free estimate for all of your window repairs!