Can you repair double glazed windows?

When fitted correctly double glazing can be extremely valuable to any home. Though, when it is not working how it should do, then it can become a more of a nuisance. However, the good news is that we offer window repairs in Peterborough, correcting many faults that could save you a fortune compared to replacement double glazing.

Throughout this blog we will discuss some of the most common double glazing faults and how to rectify them

Misted double glazing

Double Glazing RepairsIf the uPVC window seal breaks then moisture and air will get in between the two panes of glass resulting in foggy glass. When moisture makes it way between these panes of glass, then the original gas will make its way out of the sealed unit. When this happens then the window has an inability to trap heat between the two panes of glass.

If the sealed unit is compromised resealing the sealed unit yourself is near enough impossible. The gas has already leaked out and moisture is already within the window. However, replacing this unit for a thermally efficient double glazed unit is quite easy. Our trained double glazing repairs will measure your old window unit, order to those specifications, then install it when it arrives to our unit.

Windows not opening and closing correctly

Window not closing or opening correctly PeterboroughDouble glazed windows allow your home to feel comfortable regardless of the weather. By opening the window allows you to enjoy the breeze and fresh air, whilst keeping out the elements. Nevertheless, it can be extremely irritating if the window does not open or close correctly.

Windows that get stuck are the most common window problems that we come across with window repairs. Most windows that do not open or close correctly normally have locking issues as well.  A window that will not open could be a fire safety issue. While a window that cannot close and lock correctly could be a security matter.

To establish why the window is either stuck open or closed we need to determine what is causing this obstruction.

Common reasons for stuck window

Movement of House foundation

When a property is brand new over time the foundations will move slightly. This could be enough to cause enough pressure cause the window to get stuck. This pressure will cause the window sash to come out of line, preventing the window to open and close correctly.

Warped wooden window frame

After many years of weathering, this could cause the wooden frames and sash to crack due to the increase swelling from the rain and humidity. Timber frames must get painted yearly and treated to prevent weather damage. If they are not treated correctly warping will occur which could result in the window sash not closing correctly.

Debris in hinges and tracking

Many homeowners keep their windows open for ventilation, which is a very good idea. However, over time debris and dirt can build up along the window tracking and hinges. Rust can also accumulate along the metal sliding tracks, preventing the window from doing its job.

Damaged window parts

Multiple window parts could be damaged causing the window to stick. The frame could be damaged or the sash itself. Hardware such as the metal catch or window locking mechanism could be either broken, loose or out of alignment.

What do I do if my double glazed windows are stuck?

If you cannot either open or close your window the first thing to do is contact us for Double Glazing Repairs in Peterborough. Once our window repairs technician inspects your faulty window, he will then categorise this window into three possible resolutions.

Minor Adjustments

If the severity of this window problem is very minor then small adjustment or toe-and-healing may be sufficed. Lubricating and cleaning all working parts may also do the trick.

Double Glazed Window Hardware Repair or replacement

If lubricating, cleaning and small adjustment are not adequate as a window repair then replacement window part may be required. If you are not sure what is causing your window to stick open or closed then contact our window repairs expert to assess the damage.

Window Replacement

As a professional double glazing company we would always assess your window and offer the cheapest solution with alternatives to our clients. If your window can be repaired that would always be our first solution. However, if the window is old and is not functioning like a window should, then it may be time for replacement double glazing.

Are you experiencing any of these window problems and are looking for a window repairs company based in Peterborough. Or simply looking for replacement double glazing. If so, contact Peterborough Doors for more information.