Is replacement glass cheaper than to change the entire window?

Sometimes a window may get been cracked or broken via a flying object such as a ball or a stone. Or you may have noticed a draught getting through your window keeping the house cold and breezy. We receive many phone calls asking whether they should replace the glass or the entire window itself.

Temporary Glass Solution vs Long-Term Resolution

Deciding on replacement glass or changing the entire double glazing can be a tricky choice. The first thing you need to think about is your financial position ‘can you actually afford to change your complete window or not’! Secondly do you actually need to replace the whole window.

Replacing the glass instead of the window may have many benefits. If the window frame and beading are intact, then replacing just the glass will save you lots of money. If you are changing your old glass for A-rated glass units then you will see a significant result in heat retention within your room. This will save you money in the long run. Changing a single glass unit will be much quicker than ordering a complete window unit. The last thing anyone would want is a boarded-up window for weeks whilst waiting for the new double glazed unit. When changing a glass unit may only take a few days.

Benefits of changing a complete window

If you decide to change the complete window this results in many additional benefits. The overall energy rating on a new double glazed unit is much greater than an old double glazed unit. When fitted correctly the double glazed window will be foamed and sealed to prevent unwanted draughts from making their way through via the window frame and the wall. An old unit or incorrectly fitted double glazing could let a considerable amount of air into a home. Resulting in increased heating and gas bills.

If you are deciding to sell your home then the resale value will be much greater if you replace your double glazing window rather than just the glass within an old window unit.

If many pieces of window glass are beginning to break then your windows may require changing instead of just the glass.

Broken Pane of Glass

If your windowpane is either cracked, misty or broken then it will be much cheaper and beneficial to replace the glass. We would always recommend to change the glazing for heat retaining insulated glass. Our window repairs technician can quickly change this broken glass by removing the beading then switching over the glass unit.

Can I reseal around my window frame?

The term to reseal around a window frame is called Caulking or weather stripping. This is done by removing existing silicon from around the inside and outside the window. Large gaps are then filled with window foam. Once this foam is set then silicon is applied to weather proof the window. Window trim is then installed around the window. If your current window is in good condition then we would always recommend resealing those windows which would be much more affordable than window replacement.

Is your window glass foggy or misty!

If you are experiencing streaking, fogginess or even condensation between your double glazing then this is typically known as a blown window. This often occurs when a window seal has gone resulting the exposure of air within the unit. When the sealed unit fails then the gas escapes whilst the air enters the window.

The simple solution would be to contact a window repair company to replace the glass unit.

Why is my window glass draughty?

Are you experiencing draughts through your windows? If so, we would recommend changing your complete window rather than just the window pane. There is a good chance that the window frames are not doing their job resulting in draughts. It will save you in the long run to replace your double glazing for A-rated energy efficient windows.

Is it worth changing all my glass for A-rated units?

With the constant increased cost on energy bills, homeowners need to insulate their homes more to save money, especially over the winter period. But not everyone can afford to change their complete double glazing. It may also not be practical to change the compete windows and doors. If your home does not have A-rated windows but the window frames still look new. Then replacing just, the glass to A-rated insulated glazing, will keep your home warm and save you money from these energy bills.

Facts about changing glass to A-rated!

  1. Energy efficient glass will save you on your heating bills

A-rated double glazing will reduce the overall amount of heat leaving your home. When a home is cold and draughty it costs much more money to heat this property. Draughts and poor-quality glazing will simply chuck money down the drain. If you have noticed misty or even condensation within the two panes of glass then this window is doing absolutely nothing. The window has blown so there is no insulated barrier retaining heat within the property.

  1. Replacement glass is cheaper than entire window

Our window repairs are extremely busy with households that have condensation within their windows. Replacement glass is an extremely easy process for our double glazing repairs. Replacement glass will not alter the look of your property however you will feel the difference with energy efficient glazing.

  1. Energy efficient glazing reduces your carbon footprint

Most customers are now more conscience on their heating bills. So they opt to replace their current low energy rated glazing for A rated glass. Not only will you save money, but you will be doing your bit for the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

To summaries, if you are experiencing draughts, condensation, streaks within your glass, then contact Peterborough Doors for assistance. We offer a free none obligated quotes and advice on all aspect of double glazing.