What is uPVC and why use this for Double glazing Windows?

When purchasing double glazing windows and doors it is extremely important to understand the right window and door style, frame and material used.

UPVC otherwise known as unpasteurised polyvinyl chloride, is an extremely low maintenance window material, which is manufactured to replicate a wooden window or door style. Most modern properties have uPVC double glazed windows as they are extremely cost effective whilst offering brilliant energy efficiency. UPVC double glazed windows are often used for replace old single glazed windows.

UPVC is also used for fascia’s, soffits and bargeboards. When it comes to roofline services, uPVC has near enough replaced all cast iron and plumbing materials. Even drainpipes, waste pipes and guttering are now made from uPVC.

UPVC is a cheaper alternative to expensive timber or aluminium materials. With its amazing strength, multipurpose and low maintenance, while manufactured with vinyl polymer and chlorine atoms, allows these uPVC windows to work well with steel frames.

Why is uPVC used for window frames?

UPVC has proven time after time to be an excellent durable material which last an extremely long time, with very little maintenance. Combined with its outstanding durability and high performance, makes it a perfect material for double glazed windows. UPVC is very cheap to produce compared to other double glazed window materials. With an outstanding thermal efficiency and sound proofing insulation, you can be reassured that your windows will not warp, rust, or discolour regardless of any weather condition.

What are the benefits of uPVC windows?

There are many benefits as previously discussed regarding the uPVC material. With its extremely high thermal performance, durability and long life span, makes it the faultless material for any Peterborough home.

Low cost – UPVC is much cheaper than aluminium or timber windows. Combining the low cost with its quality makes the uPVC window much more affordable than other window products.

Low maintenance – this window material is tremendously popular due to its low maintenance. All it requires is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth over the window frames. Not like traditional timber frames which will show signs of rot and warping in result of poor weather conditions. When it comes to soundproofing, uPVC according to the latest studies, can reduce sound by roughly 70% coming into your home.

Outstanding performance

Most Peterborough customers are aware of energy efficiency as it can save customers a fortune on their energy bills. This is one reason why uPVC windows has become so popular as it will reduce heat loss whilst preventing cold entering your property.

Increased home security

Installing new double glazed windows can offer great security benefits while reducing your chances of being broken in to. Intruders are less likely to try to break into a property with secure windows and doors. Correctly installed windows are much more difficult to break into than old single glazed units. If your windows look old or badly installed then it may be time to replace you old windows and doors for some new double glazed windows. All of our windows are manufactured with high security features such as multi point locking mechanism which will prevent any intruders.

Will uPVC windows add value to my home?

By purchasing new double glazed windows for your Peterborough property will add style and character to your home. New double glazed windows will update the look of your home making it much more modern. So when it comes to selling, most purchasers would opt for a property with new double glazed windows and doors, making it much easier to sell.