What is better Double Glazed vs Triple Glazed Windows?

When customers are shopping for new windows, they often ask us whether they should purchase triple glazed or double glazed windows. Triple glazing compared to double glazed windows will not only keep your home warmer, but will increase your energy efficiency as well. Triple glazed windows will keep your Peterborough home warmer during the winter and cooler in the summer, with less requirements for the central heating to be on.

Throughout this blog we will take a look at both double glazed and triple glazed windows, comparing their energy efficiency and performance.

What are double glazed windows?

To understand how the process works firstly we need to recognise what a pane actually is. A window pane is literally a piece of glass which separates the home from the outside environment. Whether we are talking double glazing or triple glazing, both of these will come with either two or three panes of glass.

As glazing revolved from single glazing to double glazing, so did the invention to insulate these pieces of glass, which is referred to as sealed unit. A sealed unit comprises of either two or three pieces of glazing, an energy efficiency spacer bar which divides both pieces of glass. Argon gas is then filled between these pieces of glazing for additional productivity.

Triple glazed windows helps with noise reduction

Another reason why some homeowners opt for triple glazing over double glazing is due to its superior performance when it comes to noise reduction.

Why are three window panes better than two panes?

As there is an additional pane of glass then this creates a better insulated barrier. Other supplementary benefits of triple glazed windows would be reduced heat loss, less condensation and outstanding soundproofing.

Another benefit of triple glazing over double glazing would be that extra pane including that added Low-E coated spacer. This spacer bar has a tinted film which is installed during the manufacturing process which improves the energy efficiency of the windows. This applies to both the double glazed and triple glazed, however there is an extra spacer on the triple glazed windows.

What are spacer bars in windows?

A spacer bar is often called a profile, which is the hollow part of the aluminium frame. The spacer bar separates the two piece of double glazing window.  The spacer bar is bonded to the double glazing with primary and secondary seal. The cavity is then filled with either gas or air. The spacer bar itself is then filled with a substance that will absorb any residual moisture within the cavity itself. This will aid in reducing condensation within the double glazing windows.

The spacer bar is vital when it comes to double glazing windows. Aluminium sparer bars are the most commonly used for double glazed windows as are extremely strong, flexible so can be used for a variety of shapes and size windows. When it comes to cost, they are far less expensive than warm edge spacers, which also means that they are not as insulated either.

Argon vs Krypton vs Xenon filled double glazing

Gas within the cavity of double glazing windows helps to reduce heat transfer through the glass, keeping the home warm in the winter and keeping out the heat during the summer. It has be said that Argon Gas combined with a low energy saving glass, can increase thermal performance by a staggering 50%.

Argon, has roughly 34% less conductivity than air, it is also non-toxic, none-corrosive, colourless, odour free and is not disturbed with direct sunlight.

Double glazing windows which are argon filled cost approximately 5% more than standard air filled. However, offering energy ratings of +30% compared to air filled. Windows are estimated to last for 25 years, which makes this additional 5% well worth it.

When we are looking for even better energy efficient double glazing windows, then we need to take a look at Krypton and Xenon. Both substances are even better insulators with less transfer than argon, however, they are more expensive as well.

What are the advantages of double glazing windows?

Double glazed windows will offer around 50% less heat loss than single glazing windows. There will also be less draughts, rooms will remain much warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Double glazing will offer around 70% noise reduction compared to single glazed windows. Reduced condensation, cheaper energy bills, also much easier to sell your property.

Are triple glazed windows worth it?

Most new build properties install double glazed windows. There is very little point with installing triple glazed windows as they cost between 10 – 20% more than double glazed, but only provide around 5% better conductivity.

However, depending on what part of the country you live. If your property has sufficient natural light. How noisy your neighbourhood is. Do you live next to a busy road or walk through. All of these things need to be taking into account when you decide to choose between double glazing and triple glazed windows.