How to modernise your Peterborough home with new double glazing windows and door designs

Have you ever considered modernising your property into an outstanding contemporary home which will make everyone will be jealous of you? However, you are not sure how much this would cost and would it be outside your budget. Well look no further as Peterborough Windows & Doors can make this all happen.

First impressions does matter!

By having tatty windows and doors can really make your Peterborough home look out dated. If your budget will stretch enough, then we do recommend replacing your old windows for our brand new modern double glazing windows.

We understand that everyone has their own style and preference. Many people opt for a more of a contemporary style for period properties, while others choose a more modern appear to their home. However, with research from media and general enquiries from our Peterborough and Stamford customers, we can conclude that most homeowners are now purchasing a more fashionable and modern charm for their home.

However, though we receive many requests from our clients, many of which are still unclear of how to achieve this modern style look. As there are so many different types of double glazing windows and doors on the market, they do not know what would best suit their home.

This is why we have gathered together various features and styles which would transform the look of any Peterborough home into a modern property.

What do we mean by a contemporary home?

With all new build properties lots of research goes into the planning and design to offer a specific look, style and feel. With building regulations and customer interests taking into account, energy efficiency has become a major factor when choosing double glazing windows and doors. Not forgetting home security and functionality of these windows and doors.

How can I modernise my property with windows and doors?

Composite Doors

If we start from the front door as this is the entrance into your Peterborough home. The front door is most likely to be the most used door in your house! Nerveless, the front door will also be the main door that all of your visitors, friends, family and neighbours will see every day. It is therefore obligatory that this will be the first replacement door that you need. We recommend that you replace that old warn out door for one of our trend composite front doors!

Our composite doors are not that expensive and we would highly recommend investing in one. These stunning composite doors offer the balance between beauty and high performance. Composite doors are manufactured using the best materials creating the most modern door for your Peterborough home. They are also robust, resilient, not forgetting extremely energy efficient.

With a wide range of styles, we guarantee that we have the right composite door to suite your budget, style and property.

Bifold doors

When it comes to large opening doors, there is not a better door than the bifold door. Bifold doors are becoming increasingly popular throughout Peterborough and Stamford area. With so many large opening doors on the market why choose a bi-folding door?

Firstly bifold doors will allow you to blend your outdoor garden into your living space. This is one of the biggest factors that bifold doors offer over its rivals such as French Doors and Patio Doors. Bi-folding doors will remove the barrier between the garden and your home. When the doors are closed, it offers wonderful view to the outside. However, when fully opened, the bifold door allows you to blend the garden into your current living space.

To achieve a modern appeal many homeowners decide on modern colours such as black, grey or even white. Bi-fold doors suggests sophistication and charm to any Peterborough property.

Bifold doors maximises the natural light into your property whilst offering a stunning view into your garden.

Modern Conservatories

Many Peterborough homeowners are looking for a more of a contemporary look and feel whilst looking for that home extension look. Whilst looking for a cost effective solution for a modern conservatory design, so what exactly are the most modern conservatories?

What do modern conservatories look like?

When we talk modern conservatories then we will generally be looking for an open-plan room, slim-line frame and extended full length glass or tiled room.

Glass roofs are becoming popular once again with modern conservatories. With tinted self-cleaning glass roofs, or tiled warm roof conservatories, the choice is endless.

Wide Fascia boards, Aluminium Bifold doors, combined with Lantern roofs

Aluminium bi-fold doors are the latest trend when it comes to modern conservatories. With their ability to near enough disappear when fully opened makes the aluminium bi-folding an amazing feature to have.

Though uPVC conservatories still remain a popular feature, customers are now opting for aluminium framed conservatories as they are a much more of a modern design conservatory. With the structural strength of this amazing aluminium frames, allows the opportunity for thinner glass making the room much more glass.

When we take a look at the tiled roof conservatory, this does not just makes the conservatory look extremely modern, but makes it into a home extension as well.

Flat roof conservatories are also on a rise. A stunning flat roof with large fascia boards, with a stunning lantern on the roof. Can we get more modern than that? The roof lantern maximises the natural light into the conservatory, unlike a fully tiled conservatory roof.

Which conservatory style would best suite my home?

If you are looking for modern conservatories which offer space, stunning appearance, wide openings, you are then looking at the following conservatories:

A Lean-To conservatory, Living Roof, Loggia or Gable-End, as these are great contemporary designs. They are also extremely slim-line and modern, ideal for any home.

All of these conservatories can be made into bespoke designs, amending the roof types, roof angles, window and door also.

What should I buy, Aluminium or uPVC Windows?

When it comes to quality then aluminium windows will win every day of the week. However if we are talking budget then uPVC windows are highly recommended.

UPVC double glazed windows proposes an excellent energy efficient window with a stunning appearance. Though we would always recommend aluminium for bi-fold doors as they offer the slimmest profile and lowest profile. Aluminium windows and doors will make a conservatory look exceptionally modern and trendy.

Either type double glazed window frame will offer you a modern feature to your Peterborough home or conservatory, not forgetting the energy efficiency to go with it.