Can double glazing reduce noise entering my home?

Properties that are situated near busy roads or footpaths often consider changing their windows and doors to eliminate noise. Most residence have heard the claims that double glazing will reduce noise but is this claim true or not? If double glazing reduces sound, then triple glazing must be better! As more and more people are now working from home it is essential to keep your home quiet and noise free.

How to eliminate noise through your windows

Unwanted sound can be extremely invasive when studding or whilst answering work calls, it can also have a negative impact on your health. The frustration caused by extreme noise can cause stress, especially when trying to get some sleep. Fortunately, double glazing can reduce the noise levels by up to 95%.

We do not claim that we will eliminate all of excessive noise. However, by replacing your windows with Peterborough Doors, our windows will definitely help.

The noise difference by installing double glazing windows with Peterborough Doors will depend on the following factors:

  • The age and state of your currant window.
  • Where the noise is coming from
  • Is the noise being leaked into the house from outside the frame
  • How close the traffic is from your property
  • Lastly how sensitive you are to noise.

What is a noise reduction window?

A noise reduction window otherwise known as acoustic window unit, reduces the amount of noise that can be transmitted through a window. The acoustic glass is manufactured with a laminate pane of glass which helps to damping the sound waves by disturbing the sound waves.

Our current acoustic glass units reduce noise due to having a 6mm low iron outer pane and a 6.8mm laminated inner pane. The inner layer is also laminated.

As both panes are different thicknesses this help to disturb the sound waves. The laminated pane acts as an acoustic membrane which absorbs the sound energy. This also eliminates the vibrations of the sound from passing through the glass. This results in the sound being reflected back away from the house.

Other factors that help noise reduction:

  • The thickness of the glass
  • Asymmetric thicknesses of each glass which will disturb the soundwaves
  • Argon gas that is filled between the panes of glass
  • Depth between the panes
  • Sound dampening materials such as laminate between the panes.

Window Noise reduction Options

A rated Double Glazing compared to old glass units.

Peterborough Doors will install A-rated double glazing as standard. Our well fitted windows will reduce noise significantly compared to a single or poorly fitted low-quality double-glazed window. Other factors which will help reduce noise will be the high-quality seals that are installed within our windows. Our window fitters are very experienced so will install your window correctly using foam to seal between the window frame and the brickwork. As our A-rated double glazing is filled with argon, this itself can reduce noise levels by up to 62%.

Triple Glazing for noise reduction

These triple glazing windows have an additional pane compared to double glazing which helps to reduce the sound waves entering a home. Triple glazing has an outstanding performance when it comes to energy efficiency. Nevertheless, the difference for noise reduction performance is minimum as triple glazing can sometimes magnify noise levels due to the vibration of the middle pane.

Things to consider before purchasing noise reduction windows!

Before you order acoustic windows there are a few things to consider:

How is your property constructed?

How thick are your walls and do they have a cavity? The thicker the wall and greater and the cavity then less sound will enter your home via the walls.

How many sound entry points do you have?

  • Air bricks
  • Trickle vents
  • Fire place
  • Window openings

How many external doors do you have?

Many homeowners overlook how many doors they have in their property. If these doors are of poor quality, then noise reduction glass next to these doors will be insignificant. You may get better noise reduction by changing an old wooden door first before considering changing the windows.

How old and what is the quality of your current windows?

Have you still got single glazed windows? Are there gaps around the window frames? Have your window seals gone? Does your windows not open or close correctly?

If this is the case then replacing your current windows with our A-rated double glazing will make a huge difference.

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