Latest window and door trends for 2020

From elusive colours to French doors and bi-folding doors, we will look at some of the latest trends when it comes to double glazing trends in Peterborough 2020. If you are considering replacement windows and doors to your Peterborough home, but find that there are too many options which lay in the way. Maybe by reading this blog on the latest double glazing trends of 2020 might help you consider what type of window and door would best suit your home.

Window Colour

Though white windows have been the most popular choice since uPVC windows began, black frames and doors have been the greatest frenzy in 2019. Black window and door frames blend easily with interior décor in both modern and tradition properties.

However, when it comes to composite door trends no colour can even beat anthracite in 2019. With anthracite windows becoming increasingly popular. Charcoal grey has also become a huge trend as this colour is a slightly lighter shade of grey than the anthracite which is much less subtle than both anthracite and black. Various shades of green and brown are also on a rise. We expect these colours to take centre stage especially for those households in the rural areas who are very plant friendly. These natural colours work well with natural features and furniture such as plants and environmental friendly trends. Whilst adding a dash of colour to your door such as Chartwell green or Duck egg, are very popular throughout Peterborough country cottages such as Holme or Sawtry.

Eco Friendly Windows and Doors

The demand for recyclable windows and doors have been come a huge demand. This is why so many Peterborough residence are looking for eco-friendly products. All of double glazed products are manufactured aiming for the smallest carbon footprint possible. We at Peterborough Windows and Doors understand the impact on the environment when purchasing double glazed products. This is why all of our uPVC and aluminium windows and doors are recycled during their operation in the waste products.

British Made Products

All of our Fabrication and Manufacturing of windows and doors are UK based. This allows more of a predictable pricing especially during the Brexit period. Not forgetting rectifying potential customer issues more easily due to being at a local level.

More Glazing

When occupants are looking to purchase a property, the number 1 interior design that catches their eye is the amount of natural light entering the house. Natural light has many key benefits which makes a family feel well and happy. This is why larger windows allowing more natural light and air into a room is on a demand. Many households are looking to replace their windows with either larger panes of glass or French doors. Walls are being removed and Velux windows inserted within ceilings of extensions.

Sliding Patio Doors

Even though bifold doors are the latest trend when it comes to large sliding doors, Patio doors are making a comeback in 2020. Patio doors offer a much larger pane of glass compared to the bi-fold doors. Many Peterborough households opt for the wider pane as it provides a sense of spaciousness compared to many single bi-fold doors.

French Doors

French doors have been extremely popular since 2010 due to their attractive appearance and ability to fully open, allowing volumes of natural air into a home. French doors can be installed into either a contemporary or modern property. Many Peterborough homeowners prefer the French door over the patio door due to the maximum door opening range that it offers. This can be exceptionally useful when moving large objects into the home.


Whether you are looking for a double glazing company in Peterborough, or a replacement door. We offer a wide range of products that will best suite your home. We can also discuss the latest window and door trends which will best suit your property.