How will the Green Home Grants work with double glazing companies?

So you may have heard from the news that the new Green Scheme is being generated across the UK from the end of September 2020. Whether you have heard about this scheme or not, here is some important information that might help you understand what it all entails.

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak, has outlined his plans for the Government to put aside £2 billion pounds to generate a ‘green home upgrade’ to offer an incentive to home homeowners to purchase products to reduce carbon within their home. This incentive is aiming for the UK to become net carbon zero by 2050.

This Green Scheme, is designed to help homeowners choose energy-saving products for their home. These home improvement products are aimed to upgrade over 600,000 properties throughout the UK.

By registering your interest with this scheme, home owners could receive vouchers up to £5000 to help pay for these improvements. To receive this voucher the homeowner must apply online specifying which energy efficient home improvement they will be carrying out.

This Scheme is split into two separate categories. Firstly the primary then the secondary home improvements. To successfully qualify for this scheme you must first select a product from the primary category:

Primary category products:

  • Insulation, such as loft, cavity wall, or under-floor insulation.
  • Low carbon heating, such as air source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps or solar thermal.

Secondary category products;

  • Double or triple glazing, but only when replacing single glazing.
  • Energy-efficient doors, but only where replacing doors installed before 2002.
  • Draught proofing
  • Heating controls and insulation, such as thermostats and smart heating controls.

Important Notice:

It is important to know that whatever amount that is claimed for the primary category i.e. solar thermal for instance £1500. Then this amount is capped also for the secondary category i.e. replacement of single glazing £1500 also. With the maximum total combination of £5000 per household.

As we are one of the main double glazing companies in Peterborough, we feel that we are obliged to notify our Peterborough residence these valid key points regarding this scheme. This is particularly important if you are wishing to use these vouchers when replacing your double glazed windows in Peterborough.

Statistics show that less than 5% of Peterborough homeowners actually have single glazed windows. We have had many inquiries over the recent few weeks for replacement windows and doors. However many of these property holders have been holding off these replacements until the end of September, hoping to use these vouchers for such work. However, it is highly unlikely that the work you wish to be carried out will qualify for this scheme.

Even if you have single glazed windows within your Peterborough home, to apply for either double or triple glazed windows, you must purchase a product from the primary category first. So after purchasing an item from the primary category, you will notice that there would not be much left if any within your eligible voucher to go towards your double glazing.

Peterborough Doors is here to help!

If you have been considering replacing your windows and doors under this ‘Green Scheme’. If you have any doubts or do not 100% understand who is eligible and what products or home improvements will qualify for such scheme. Or if you would like to know more about our window and door products. Then we are here to help, please contact Peterborough Doors today!