Important facts before purchasing Double Glazed Windows

When looking for local double glazing Companies in Peterborough, it is very important to make sure that they comply with building regulations.

Many Peterborough residence would previously have carried out home improvements on their Peterborough property without the need to various qualifications and regulations. Most occupants have heard of planning permission and building regulations, however believe that these only apply to extensions or conversions. However, small jobs such as changing over a window or a door, they would assume that these rules do not apply to these.

So if you have decided to replace your double glazing within your Peterborough home, then you need to ensure you comply with building regulations.

The government has laid down policies to boost energy saving targets so this makes it extremely important to purchase energy efficient windows and doors for your home. To achieve this you need to ensure that your replacement windows comply with thermal performance standards laid down by the government.

To ensure that you follow these guidelines there are a couple of methods that you can ensure that these standards are met.

Registered Double Glazing Installer

To ensure that your double glazing installer is qualified to replace your windows ensure that they have a CERTASS certificate. This qualification ensures that they meet the standards for installation and that they are registered as professionals. This will safeguard you, CERTASS ensures that they will comply with Building Regulations.


If you have decided not to use a qualified installer and wish to either install these windows and doors yourself or having a friend install them for you, then you must obtain a certification from the local Authority.

It is extremely important to ensure that the person who is installing your replacement double glazing that they are qualified or competent and are registered as a CERTASS installer to prevent hassle and prevent future problems.

Benefits of Double Glazing

There are obviously many benefits for replacement double glazing compared to the traditional single glazed windows or secondary glazing. As you may have notice, looking around Peterborough, more and more people are opting for double glazing. This is due to some of their significant benefits that they offer .

Energy Efficiency

One of the key factors for purchasing double glazed windows is the heat retention that they offer. The main purpose for windows and doors is the ability to maintain heat within the home. All modern double glazed windows have an insulated layer between the two panes of glass. This layer has trapped air which helps to retain around 60% more heat within the home. When all traditional windows and doors are replaced with new double glazed units, then the heat retention becomes apparent.

Reduced Energy Bills

It is quite obvious that when a property has better heat retention then the gas bill will be reduced as the heating will not be on as often. Over the winter period this becomes more deceptive due to the money that you will be saving.

Noise reduction

By reduce the noise entering or leaving your Peterborough home, can be extremely beneficial. Some neighbours can be awfully noisy which could lead to being an annoyance. If this is the case then we advise you to either opt for double glazing or to be guaranteed to cancel out this noise select triple glazing.

Old low quality windows or poorly installed windows can allow the smallest of noises through them, which can be extremely disturbing. By correctly installing replacement double glazed windows can illuminate these noises immediately. Even large noises that cannot be blocked will be toned down significantly. Lastly, if you are a noisy family, as many families are. Then your noise reduction will also be noticed by your neighbours too.

Low maintenance windows and doors

UPVC double glazed windows require very little maintenance if any. All uPVC windows require is an occasional wipe down which can be done by your window cleaner. There is no need at all to sand down frames or re-paint them yearly as you would do with timber windows.  UPVC double glazed windows do not warp, rust or discolour like traditional windows.

Window Repairs

One of the main possible repairs associated to uPVC double glazed windows will be a blown gasket. The gasket keeps the insulated layer of trapped air between the two sheets of glass. If there becomes a fault then air will escape and water residue will arise. We at Peterborough Doors and Windows can easily take care of this if the problem occurs.

However, repairing traditional single glazed with timber frames can be a bit of a nightmare. This will also be very costly as well.

Add value to your home

If you purchase professional installed double glazed windows to your Peterborough property. Then it would be much easier to sell your property compared to a similar home with either single glazed or timber frame windows. By purchasing double glazing will add very benefits to a home such as increasing its energy efficiency which many new homeowners understand.

Every property that goes on the market will undergo a series of assessments. Energy efficiency is one of these. A rating between A to C means that this home is very energy efficient. Those from D to E will result in the value dropping as the new purchaser will require new windows and doors.

Double glazed windows are more secure!

Many Peterborough residence are not aware of the enhanced security features that double glazed windows would bring to their home. Many homeowners will purchase CCTV cameras and doorbell cameras, but without realising that their windows are easily to break through. All of our double glazed windows and doors are installed with the latest insecurity features as standard. Ensuring that your home will be safe and secure when you are not home. For additional security our windows are fitted with toughened glass. This glass makes it extremely difficult for the intruder to smash through whilst trying to get into your house.

Toughened Window Frames

Our uPVC window frames have enhanced strength and durability compared to traditional window frames. Many timber window and door frames are very easy to force through, but when it comes to uPVC it will be extremely difficult. UPVC is a much tougher material and when installed correctly by one of our window and door fitters, this will ensure your home is secure.


So after reading this blog you will now understand some of the key benefits for double glazed windows and doors. Double glazed windows and doors are definitely a brilliant investment which will not only enhance your home security while keeping you warm throughout the winter. But will also help the environment and make your home easier to sell in the future.