Replacement Windows and Doors Peterborough

When it comes to replacement windows and doors many Peterborough homeowners are paying more attention by creating a stunning outside appearance to their home. By selecting the correct colour for replacement windows, doors and French doors is now playing a huge factor. Changing the colour of the window and door frames have become very popular. Window and door technology has changed progressively over the recent years making coloured window and door frames much more affordable.

Anthracite (grey) is at present one of the most popular choice of window frames outside the traditional ‘white’. By changing the exterior colour can completely transfigure the appearance of your Peterborough home.

Grey windows are now taking over the traditional white when it comes to new build properties. Anthracite is a much more of a sophisticated colour which will make any Peterborough home look stunning and trendy.

Throughout this blog we will highlight some of the work we carried out whilst replacing windows, doors and French doors, to a property in Fletton, Peterborough.

Replacement white uPVC windows Peterborough
Replacement Grey Windows Peterborough

Comparing white and grey windows

Image 1has outdated white uPVC windows which look old and run down. Image 2 however, shows a sophisticated grey uPVC windows that creates a modern, clean stylish look. As you can see by replacing old white windows with anthracite windows can completely transform your Peterborough home.

What are Bay Windows?

Bay windows do not look like traditional flat casement windows. These bay windows venture outwards offering a larger internal space whilst offering a panoramic view of outside. Bay windows are commonly 3 to 5 panels, with the more panels provides more windows for ventilation and light entering a room.

Bay window styles

Just like other style windows the bay windows are available in varies styles to best suit the outside of any Peterborough home. Each window can be configured to your requirements. Whether you require a top opener, or side opening, the choice is yours!

Box windows

Just as the name describes, this box window has an appearance of a box. With the sides and top project from the side of the house with a flat front appearance. Box windows allows the homeowner to sit within this protruding area, otherwise known as a window seat. This additional seated area allows extra light into the room whilst creating an illusion of being outside. Many residential and commercial buildings are opting for this style window. As it maximises light and space with a room.

Bow windows

Bow windows have a curved look offering a round appearance when observed from the outside of the property. Bow windows typically offer more opening than the bay window.

Circle bay windows

The circled bay windows are the roundest of all bay windows. These bay windows are designed with a smooth semi-circular appearance featuring several pane of windows to execute this bay.

Replacement Bay window installation

The grey (anthracite) bay window which we installed was made from uPVC. UPVC is much cheaper than aluminium, which makes it the most popular choice for windows throughout Peterborough. Though white uPVC windows offer a delightful appearance, the homeowner opted for grey as it offer sophistication and elegance to the Peterborough property.

Prior to the removal of the existing bay window, acrow props are inserted on the inside of the property to hold up the ceiling when the bay supporting poles are removed.

Replacement Bay Window Peterborough

Once the ceiling is secure then the glass is removed, this is achieved by removing the internal beading first. The front panel is now unscrewed then removed followed by the two side panels, then the bottom sill.

Once the bay window has been removed then the walls and concrete sill requires cleaning. All silicon on the walls from the previous window needs to be stripped off completely, leaving a clean fresh surface for the replacement bay window.

The first thing to be installed is the window sill. By using a spirit level the sill is levelled by using various packers. Once the sill is level then it is removed carefully without disturbing the packers. Silicon is now inserted covering the front, back and side areas where the sill be inserted. The silicon secures the sill whist offering a sealed area prevent water getting underneath the sill into the house.

Silicon is also inserted on either side of the sill where the frames are installed, this prevents water residue getting between the panels and the sill. The first panel installed is one of the side panels. Once this panel is carefully screwed and fixed then the front panel is installed. This is achieved using a connecting bar which sits between the side panel and front panel. This is then repeated on the opposite side panel and front panel.

Now the frames are installed it is time to foam between the side panel and existing wall. The foam provides a seal and also fills in any cavities which draft may get through. The glass is now installed and internal beading fitted. The window now requires sealing with a waterproof sealant and grey trims secured ensuring a neat finish all around the window.

The benefits of having a bay window

There are many benefits of having a bay window compared to a traditional casement window. Firstly from the outside appearance it offers charm and character to the Peterborough property. While in the inside of the home it is much more spacious and roomy. The bay also offers a better all-round view compared to a casement window. When it comes to ventilation the bay has much more windows to open. Light generated into the room is much more than the casement window.

Replacement French doors and windows

Replacement French Doors Peterborough
Grey French Doors Peterborough

As you can clearly see from the images above this house is completely transformed and looks much newer. The grey windows and French doors completely fleshing the appearance of this Peterborough property.

Benefits of French doors

French doors offer many additional benefits to a home. We have listed of some of the main benefits below:

Door Security

One of the common assumptions regarding French doors is that they are not secure. Many people believe that as they have two doors that they are much easier to open than a common back door. This however is untrue. All of our French doors are installed with high security multi-point locking mechanism as standard.

All of our French doors are all made to measure and manufactured using robust profiles ensure that they will exceed any demand from an intruder. These French doors are also correctly installed ensuring a 5mm expansion gap which is achieved all around the French door. Long robust screws are used to secure the frame into the wall prevent this frame from being removed evening if crowbars or any other devices are used.

Maximising light

French doors function very much like a traditional window, however they are much bigger in size. These large panes of glass evidently flood light into any room. Many Peterborough homeowners replace their existing windows for French doors to allow this extra light and atmosphere within their home. When it comes to warm weather these French doors can be easily fully opened expanding your living space with the outside garden. Maximum ventilation of natural fresh air will also deluge into your room.

Room Access

French doors are not just a stunning addition to any Peterborough home, but they are extremely practical as well. When both doors are fully opened this provides a huge entrance which can be particularly useful when trying to bring a large object such as an American fridge or even a settee into your home. They are also a good gathering point during a family get together or small family party.


Many people assume that because French doors are made mostly of glass that they are not very durable. This is totally untrue. We recommend installing high quality security glass or toughened glass to prevent any intruder from trying to break through the glass.

Window and Door Colour

All of our uPVC windows and doors are available with a wood grain effect. This offers a traditional timber appearance whilst delivery a modern highly secure door or window. UPVC is also very low maintenance especially compared to timber windows and doors. UPVC is also very good for noise reduction and can be installed to any Peterborough home.

Replacement Casement Windows

Grey Casement Windows Peterborough

Replacement casement windows have many benefits such as the functionality of these windows. Casement windows are manufactured with one or more sashes which can easily swung open creating an opening. A sash in case you did not know is the moveable part of the window. When it comes to cost, the casement window is the cheapest of all window designs.

Casement windows are the most popular choice of window styles throughout Peterborough and there is a good reason for this! They are the simplest to replace compared to due mechanism windows such as the tilt and turn windows. Even the sash itself can be easily changed as it has only a single mechanism, reducing time and cost. Casement windows are excellent when it comes to ventilation, energy efficiency not forgetting customised window openings.  We will highlight some of the key features for replacement casement windows to your Peterborough home.

Excellent ventilation

Replacement casement windows offer outstanding ventilation as they can be customised to provide several opening sashes. Each window sash can be opened to various positions allowing a controlled amount of ventilation into your home. If these windows are fully opened then they offer maximum ventilation, or slightly opened catching a slight breeze into the house.

Reduced cold spots

Replacement casement windows are known throughout the double glazing industry for their energy efficiency. These casement windows are extremely good for sealing when the window sash is closed. This frame creates an airtight seal preventing cold air entering and warm air leaving the property. As there are reduced cold spots, this makes these windows extremely energy efficient.

Affordable windows

Casement windows are the most affordable window style due to their popularity and simplicity. Therefore if you get a quote for replacement windows, casement windows will be the cheapest and save you money.

Dual colour window frame options

Why not add a modern touch to your Peterborough home by opting for dual colours. Dual colours allows you to have a different colour outside of your home to the one inside. Why not add character to your home with an amazing anthracite grey or even slate grey effect. You can even complement the décor with an alternative interior colour. Why not personise your Peterborough home with dual coloured double glazing.