Replacement Windows: the best time to replace your windows

If your windows have seen better days, you’re in the right place. At Peterborough Doors, we’re all about delivering clear, concise advice to homeowners seeking for replacement windows. We offer high quality double-glazed windows for homeowners and commercial premises. Today, we will explore when to replace your windows, the advantages of switching to uPVC windows, and why hiring a professional double-glazing company like Peterborough Doors is your best bet.

When is the Right Time for Window Replacement?

Recognising the signs for window replacement is essential to maintaining your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, also herb appeal. Keep an eye out for these indicators:

Age of Windows

Windows typically last between 15 to 20 years. If your windows are reaching this time frame, it may be time to plan for replacement windows.

Appearance of Windows

Warped, rotting frames or cracked glass are clear signs it’s time for new windows.

Function of Widows

Difficulty opening or closing windows is an inconvenience and a potential safety hazard.


Draughts, leaks, and frequent condensation on window panes could signify a loss of insulation.

Benefits of Upgrading to uPVC Windows

If you are considering replacing your windows, uPVC windows will probably be the best choice. Let us look into some of the benefits of replacement windows!

Low Maintenance

UPVC windows are a dream for busy homeowners who want to minimise maintenance. They don’t require painting; they are resistant to rot and mould. UPVC windows will only require an occasional wipe down with a cloth to stay looking fresh.

Energy Efficiency

UPVC windows are great at insulating your home, thanks to their double-glazed design and tight seals. By switching to uPVC windows, you’ll notice a significant reduction in your heating and cooling bills.


Compared to other materials like wood or aluminium, uPVC windows are cost-effective without compromising on quality, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious homeowners.

Profile 22 Windows

Peterborough Doors offers Profile 22 uPVC windows, known for their exceptional quality, energy efficiency, and sleek designs. As an industry leader in window systems, Profile 22 windows are an excellent choice for your home upgrade.

Aluminum Windows: Combining Strength and Elegance

Aluminum windows are becoming an increasingly popular choice due to their fusion of strength and modern appearance. Here’s why they might be an excellent fit for your home:

Pros of Aluminum Windows

Durability: Aluminum is a strong, corrosion-resistant material, meaning your windows will endure harsh weather conditions and require less maintenance.

Slim Profile: Aluminum windows have slender frames that offer a sleek, contemporary aesthetic and provide more space for glass, allowing for extra light in your home.

Malleability: Aluminum is a versatile material that can be easily molded to create custom window shapes and sizes, catering to various architectural styles.

Cons of Aluminum Windows

Cost of Windows: Aluminum windows can be more expensive than other window frame materials. However, their durability and low maintenance requirements may offset the higher initial cost.

Thermal Performance: Aluminum windows require thermal breaks to reduce heat transfer and maintain energy efficiency. Be sure to choose high-quality double-glazed aluminum windows to avoid inefficient insulation.

Timber Windows: A Classic Choice for Timeless Charm

If you’re a fan of the classic appearance and natural warmth of wood, timber windows might be your preferred choice. Let’s examine their benefits and drawbacks:

Pros of Timber Windows

Traditional Beauty: Timber windows add character and elegance to your home, making them an appealing choice for those who appreciate a traditional look.

Insulation: Wood is a natural insulator, offering excellent energy efficiency and thermal performance when combined with appropriate double-glazed glass.

Environmentally Friendly: Wooden window frames are sustainable and biodegradable, making timber windows an eco-friendly option.

Cons of Timber Windows

Window Maintenance: Wood requires more care compared to other window frame materials. Expect to repaint, seal, and maintain the frames periodically to protect against rot and warping.

Cost: High-quality timber windows can come with a higher price compared to uPVC windows or lower-quality wood options.

Making the Right Choice for Your Home

When selecting the ideal window frame material to replace your existing windows, consider factors such as; your home’s architectural style, maintenance preferences also budget. Not forgetting your priorities in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.

If you value durability and modern design, aluminum windows might be the perfect fit. On the other hand, if you admire the timeless appeal of wood and appreciate its eco-friendly nature, timber windows may meet your requirements.

Regardless of the material you choose, Peterborough Doors has got you covered for an easy, fuss-free window replacement experience. Our friendly and professional team is committed to delivering high quality double-glazed products. These windows will resonate with our quality-conscious customers. Contact Peterborough Doors today and let us help you enhance your home with our exceptional double-glazed aluminum and uPVC windows!

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional Double-Glazing Installer

While some homeowners may be tempted to replace windows themselves, there are several advantages to hiring a professional double-glazing installer like Peterborough Doors:

Expertise: Professionals have the skills and experience required to ensure a perfect fit for your new windows.

Quality Assurance: Peterborough Doors guarantees satisfactory workmanship and provides warranties on products and installation.

Time Efficient: Trained professionals can complete the job quicker than a DIY enthusiast juggling the demands of daily life.

Choose Peterborough Doors for a Seamless Experience

If you decide to upgrade your windows to uPVC windows, Peterborough Doors is the right double-glazing company for you. Our experienced team of professional window fitters are dedicated to providing you with impeccable service and top-quality double-glazed products.

We understand that homeowners value quality and reliability, and that’s precisely what we deliver. When you choose Peterborough Doors, you can trust that your window replacement project is in capable hands.

Ready to improve your home with high-quality uPVC windows? Contact Peterborough Doors today and experience the difference for yourself.