What to Look for in a Window and Door Installer

When it comes to improving your Peterborough home, the little things really matter. This includes the window and door materials, the design, and above all, the double glazing installation. With the right door and double glazed window company, your Peterborough dream home is not that far away. However, finding the right replacement window and door company can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. So, here at Peterborough Doors, we have put together some of the key qualities to consider when selecting a door and window company in Peterborough.

Window and Door Experience and Expertise

Experience really does count in the double glazing industry. By having a lot of experience brings together all of the lessons that have been learnt over the years. This will help reduce any issues that may arise during replacement double glazing. This experience is vital if you would like to get your windows and doors fitted correctly first time. When looking for a window installer make sure that you check to see how many years they have been in business. Also, ask to see previous jobs this could include actual images. Don’t be shy to ask for any window or door references.

Licensing and Insurance

Most reputable double-glazing companies will have insurance and licences. These licences should be with either FENSA or CERTAS. These licences are designed to protect you. Make sure that you verify the validity of the double-glazing installer’s credentials. A professional window company will always appreciate your diligence.

Customers Reviews and Testimonials

Its always good to read what other previous customers have to say. Online reviews are a goldmine when looking at the insight of a company. Look for companies with primarily positive reviews, and pay special attention to how the company responds to any criticisms or complaints.

Window and door product knowledge

Every home is unique! This includes every window and door. A professional double glazing company should have an extensive knowledge about all of their products. They should be able to guide you on making the correct decision for your particular house and circumstances. Ask them for the pros and cons of each material. Not forgetting the energy efficiency of the glass and materials. Don’t be scared to ask them about any specific product queries that you might have in mind.

Communication and Transparency

Communication is a key factor. You should always be comfortable asking questions and the sales person should answer clear and concisely. A double-glazing sales person should be able to provide a rough time scale to install your windows and doors. They should also keep you informed on each step on the way. From the initial consultation to the final walk-through. Regardless of how many windows and doors you are ordering, trust and transparency is a must to the end.

In Conclusion

Choosing a professional double glazing installer requires careful consideration. This includes, their experience, credentials, reputation, product knowledge, and communication skills. Make these your priority when choosing a replacement window company, and you can’t go wrong.

Working with an experienced, professional window company such as Peterborough Doors, you can expect comprehensive knowledge, consistent communication, and top-notch installation services. As specialists in high-quality double-glazed products, we are here to make your dreams for your Peterborough home become a reality. Contact Peterborough Doors today to schedule a window and door consultation. Do not compromise on quality, your Peterborough home deserves the best!