Replacement Windows will keep your home Warm this Winter

As the cold months set in, the cozy comfort of your Peterborough home becomes ever so important. As heating bills continue to rise, this causes many Peterborough homeowners to invest in simple ways to keep themselves warm during these winter months. Things such as putting a blanket over themselves whilst watching TV, using draught excluders, or going to bed with a hot water blanket. One of the most overlooked but significant ways of keeping your Peterborough home warm is replacement windows and doors!

At Peterborough Doors, we offer high-quality double-glazed products which are designed to retain the heat within your property. This in all will help you survive the winter with additional comfort and savings.

A Warm Welcome with Composite Doors

A replacement front door will act as a thermal barrier against the winter chill. By upgrading your old door to one of our insulated composite front and back doors will dramatically enhance your Peterborough homes heat retention.

Our composite doors, combine the strength of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and internal wooden frame, united with the warmth of thermally insulated foam. When these are combined together it provides an excellent choice for a replacement front and back door. These doors provide durability, not forgetting increased insulation. Your Peterborough home will have much fewer drafts, which will effectively contributing to a warmer, cosier living environment.

Replacement windows

Windows play a key role on keeping your home warm and insulated. Traditional single pane windows will allow a lot of light into a room. However, they also allow the heat to escape too! By upgrading to double glazed windows will sandwich an insulated barrier between the two panes of glass. This will immediately improve your Peterborough homes heat retention. With our range of energy-efficient windows at Peterborough Doors, this will allow you to enjoy a warmer property without compromising on sunlight and outdoor views.

Save Energy, Save Money

By upgrading your windows and doors will not only enhance the appearance of your home, but will help to reduce your bills as well. Installing insulated composite doors and double-glazed windows, will help to ensure that the heat generated by your heating will stay within your home. Poorly insulated windows and doors will allow heat to escape. So, by reducing the heat loss will result in lower energy bills. Therefore, replacement windows and doors are a win-win in both comfort and cost-effectiveness, not forgetting home security!

Window and Door Installation for your Peterborough Home

At Peterborough Doors, we believe not only providing an excellent service but installing quality window and door products as well! One of the most crucial things to replacement windows and doors is the actual installation.

This is why at Peterborough Doors we do not sub out our work, but we have our own dedicated window and door fitters. Our experienced team ensures a perfect fit and finish, sealing out drafts and potential cold spots. Which is a priority as we approach the colder months.


When you come home after a long day at work, you should be able to enjoy the warmth of your Peterborough home, not wresting with drafts also worrying about heating bills.

Upgrading your doors and windows could be the solution you need to truly embrace winter’s Cosi-ness. Contact us at Peterborough Doors today for a free quote, and let us help you prepare your home for a cozy, comfortable winter.