What are the Risks of DIY Window Fitting?

There is nothing more rewarding than rolling up your sleeves, dusting off your tool kit, then tackling home improvement projects. With an unlimited number of online tutorials and DIY guide books, it can be very tempting to try tasks like window replacement for your Peterborough home. However, when it comes to window replacement, this DIY task maybe a little more complex than anticipated. Throughout this blog we will explain some of the reasons why opting for professional window fitters could be the smart choice. We will also discuss some of the potential pitfalls of DIY window fitters.

Incorrect window measuring

Many Peterborough homeowners believe that all windows are made at a standard size. That windows are a one-size-fits-all solution. However, it is critical that that your windows are measured correctly to ensure that your replacement windows fit accurately. There is correct way on which to measure for replacement windows.

Firstly, we measure three different widths from brick to brick. We then take the smallest width then deduct 10mm. This 10mm deduction is called the expansion gap. We then do the same with the height. We do this to prevent the frame from being either too small or large. If the window frames are too small then it will be difficult to seal around the frames correctly. If the windows are too big, then yes you have guest it, they will not fit. Incorrect measuring could cause errors that results in gaps which will allow draft, noise or even pests entering your home. This in all could compromise your comfort and home security.

Correct Window Installation

Installing a window involves more than just securing a few screws to hold the window in place. Correct window installation includes ensuring that the window is level and aligned. An airtight seal is then created using the correct window foam. The window is then weatherproofed to prevent leaks of air and drafts entering your property. To finish the general cosmetics of the window installation, window trim is then cut and silicone around the window frame. The window trim plays a significant part for a good window installation. Poorly installed window trim can make the window installation look very bad compared to a very experienced window fitter.

Overlooking any of these steps can result in long-term damage, including water intrusion and structural issues, which may result in the need for expensive repairs down the line.

Window Installation Legal Compliance

Many households would not know that according to the UK building regulations, windows must meet specific standards! This includes, safety, energy efficiency and ventilation. If you fail to comply with these guidelines, it is not just a legal risk, but could pose potential health and safety hazards as well!

So, by choosing a professional window replacement company such as Peterborough Doors, will guarantee that you are compliant. We are completely conversant with all relevant regulations. Ensuring that you will have the correct windows, type of glass and frames, installed following the correct guidelines, to your Peterborough home.

You May Void Your Window Warranty

If you decide to go ahead with DIY window fitting, then you may void your manufacturer’s warranty. By doing this would leave you with no legal protection if something goes wrong. Most window manufacturers will require windows to be correctly fitted by certified window professionals. This will ensure that your windows had been correctly fitted and any defects would be in result from the manufacturers rather than installation errors.

Incomplete Window Installation

The final finish of the window installation is truly what sets a professional window installer compared to a DIY. Its not just the function of your windows and doors but making it visually appealing as well. A professional window installer will enhance your home’s cosmetics rather than a window looking like it has just been pushed into a gap.

The trimming, sealing, and cleanup will also take significant effort and will never look as polished if you do this installation on your own.


The good news is that you do not need to worry about all of these risks by struggling to do this on your own. At Peterborough Doors, our experienced window fitters take the hassle out of window replacement. You can rest easy, knowing your new windows will be installed accurately, safely, and attractively. Professional installation also comes with the bonus of a warranty and the assurance of support for any post-installation queries.

Are you considering replacement windows for your Peterborough home? Get in touch with Peterborough Doors today for a free quote. We’ll guide you through the process, offering expert advice and top-quality, double-glazed products you can count on. Let’s ensure your Peterborough home upgrades are as stress-free as possible!