Finding a reputable double glazing company in Peterborough.

There are many double glazing companies in Peterborough, Stamford and Huntington areas. However, how can you choose an affordable but reputable company for your replacement windows and doors.

Double glazing is the most popular type of home improvements that is carried out by Peterborough homeowners. Double glazing offers so many benefits to a household, however windows and doors must be installed correctly to achieve these remunerations.

There are many programs on TV that shows the horror stories of double glazing. With bandits ripping out windows and doors and not correctly installing the replacement windows. Others have stories from friends and family members who have also experienced these issues.

Double glazed windows and doors must be measured correctly to ensure that they are the right fit. The double glazing surveyor must take three different measurements for the width and then the height. The smallest height and width are used then a 10mm expansion gap is deducted from this value. This allows enough movement for the windows and doors to be adjusted during installation. This expansion gap also allows enough space between the windows, doors and brickwork. This allows expansion and contraction during variant weather conditions. Without this gap doors and windows would get stuck during summer periods when the uPVC expands. This will also happen when the brickwork expands during absorption of rain fall during poorer weather. After the door is installed this expansion gap must be filled with either expandable foam or silicon. This prevents the wind and cold from entering a property.

These are just a few basic requirements for the installation of windows and doors. However, not many double glazing companies adhere to these desires.

How to choose a reputable Double Glazing Company

There are many different ways that can be used when trying to assess whether a double glazing company is any good, or not!

Qualities of a Glazing Installer

Experience in the Double Glazing Industry:

It is vital that when you are looking for a local double glazing company in Peterborough, you should ensure they have been in the business for a reasonable amount of time. When observing window and door companies on Google, new companies seem to be popping up out of the blue, many of these have no or little experience in this industry. Being correctly qualifies and trained to install windows and doors is very important. Installation of windows and doors must be done correctly otherwise problems will occur.

Customer feedback:

When a customer rings a double glazing company they will be guaranteed from that company or sales reps how great they are. However, reputable Double Glazing Companies will have a build-up of quality reviews which can back their value of work. Take a look at their customer reviews and testimonials. These feed backs are directly from their customers showing their eminence of work and service to the customers.

Window and door security:

It is very important to remember that the security mechanisms within your windows and doors will ensure whether your home will remain safe and secure or not. Are these windows and doors installed with multi-point mechanism? What kind of cylinder is installed and does it adhere to building regulations. If you live with a high burglary area can they offer upgraded locking cylinders i.e. anti-bump.

FENSA Registered Double Glazing Company:

If you are unsure about a company who not take a look at the FENSA website and check to see if the company is registered as a competent company. If a glazing company is registered with FENSA this shows that they have been vetted and inspected as a quality installer. This will save you time and money in the future when deciding to sell and move home. Without a FENSA certificate you will need to register all new windows and doors with your local authority.

Window energy rating:

Double glazed windows are not all manufactured the same. We have spoken to many customers who believed when getting a window quotation all need to concentrate on is the price. Yes everyone what’s a bargain and no one wants to pay over the price for their windows and doors. However, you must ensure that when comparing double glazing quotes from one company to another, that they all have the same window rating. We at Peterborough Doors will as standard quote for A-rated glass. When our customers forward other quotations many other double glazing companies are quoting on C-rated glass. It is very important to install A-rated glazing as it offers so many more qualities such as thermal efficiency and sound proofing.

Guarantees and warranties:

When ordering your windows and doors firstly ensure that the company has never been into liquidation or bankruptcy. If they have there is a good chance that it could happen again. Make sure you receive a copy of their warranties and guarantees. This will clearly show how long each items is guaranteed this should also include their installation warranty as well. If a company is registered with FENSA then they will also hold an insurance backed guarantee. This will cover all warranties and guaranties if that company goes bust.

To summarise

If you are looking for replacement windows and doors do not just look for competitive prices but make sure that you are comparing like-for-like quality. Cheapest is not always the best as it may cost you more in the future. Ensure that they are registered FENSA installers for peace of mind.