How Secure are your uPVC Windows?

Whether your windows are used for heat retention or to provide your home with family security, the question is how secure are your windows? Most builders provide standard PVCu in new builds, or even wooden windows in older properties, both of these windows offer minimum energy efficiency or resilience.  As most homes were built decades ago, if these windows were not upgraded or replaced, then you would expect that these windows will provide a lot of heat loss and not very secure. So if you would like to protect your family from intruders and if you would like to save on your energy bills, then you should think about replacement windows, whether you require PVCu or aluminium.

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire has an extremely high crime rate, as these burglars need to break into a home quickly and easily, if you have weakened windows, then you will become the perfect candidate. So if you notice any cracks, splits or damage to your windows, whether it’s within the frame or glass, then contact Peterborough Doors – for uPVC window replacement.

Liniar windows are the ideal window profile which will meet are double glazing requirements including security. These double glazed windows will enhance not just your home security, but also increase your homes energy efficacy also.  All our PVCu windows are police-backed ensuring that your windows are safe and secure, especially if installed by Peterborough Doors!

These Liniar PVCu windows are manufactured to the highest energy efficiency and home security. By investing in our PVCu windows, this will ensure that your home will not just look better, warmer and safer, but will maintain its value when selling in the future. By replacing your windows for our Liniar PVCu windows, will achieve the highest standards even up to 20 years and beyond. Energy efficiency plays a large role in double glazing investment, by maintaining room temperature within the home, will reduce your energy bills in the long term.

Most windows which we replace have up to 20% heat loss every time the homeowner turns on their heating. So whether you wish to reduce your heating bills or provide a safer home, you should start with replacement windows, as this will make a huge improvement.

We suggest that you inspect your windows for damaged window locks if this is the case then contact Peterborough-Doors immediately. All our Liniar windows have secure deep framing window locks. These window locks prevent forced entry from burglars. Many homes are not secure due to their windows, however if you allow Peterborough-Doors to install your double glazing, then we will fit the correct type of glazing with the precise locking mechanism, to make your home safe and secure. Our Peterborough windows are designed with reinforced properties to prevent easy access from criminals. The double glazing properties will also make your Peterborough home a lot warmer as well.

Our Liniar windows will not only keep out the burglars, but they will also prevent extreme weather, wear and tear, rot and rust free. These windows are designed to keep its elegant appearance, durability and security regardless to its exposure. All these windows require is a warm rub down with a soapy sponge to keep them looking superb all year round.

If you have had your windows for many years or even purchased a home with old windows, or noticed any problems with its functionality then your home could be at risk. You never know if your home will be a target, so why provide a thief the opportunity. If you decide to buy replacement PVCu windows from us, then you will receive many benefits. Our PVCu windows are extremely secure using our Yale window locking mechanism. They will also enhance the look of your home, they look contemporary and robust, installed with high quality but at a very reasonable price.

If you would like to enhance your home security then Peterborough windows will advise you on the best type window for your property.