The demand for coloured windows and doors

Replacement windows and doors have traditionally been only available in the colour white! Over the recent years our manufacture has understood the desire to create a choice of colour options for customers, when they are looking for replacement windows and doors.

Woodgrain foil have been available for a considerable amount of time, offering numerous shades of Oak, Mahogany and Rosewood for windows and doors. However, these shades were not very close to matching the real thing, which often made adding the woodgrain foil pointless as the traditional white window frames look far better.

Recent technologies have progressed, which has allowed the new foiling windows to supersede the previous double glazing horror stories. Single or dual-coloured uPVC windows have escalated as it has now become one of the biggest requests by customers.

Many customers are now purchasing beautiful shades of Green or Cream, as they require a modern uPVC window with a softer, classier look.

Are you looking for a woodgrain appearance? Our foil has an elusive hint of woodgrain finish, which looks like a freshly painted traditional timber window. Far better than woodgrains used a few years ago.

What is a dual colour window?

Dual colours is the capacity of having a different colour on either side of the window or door. This will allow you to have White on the inside of your window or door so it does not clash with your décor. This will allow you to have a completely different colour on the outside. Over the last year dual colour windows have become the latest trend throughout Cambridgeshire. This is why we supply uPVC windows and doors in a huge range of colours and finishes. Contact us for more information and for a free no obligation quote.

What is a ‘foil’?

A foil is a thin plastic sheet applied over the uPVC frame (the frame is made in either white or brown). This foil provides the colour and the grain effect to the window frame. This is all completed prior to the window being manufactured, the plastic is still in bar lengths. This process creates a strong bond through a procedure using heat bonding, the foil will not peel or scratch off.

The foil we use will not fade in UV light, they are also extremely tough and will stand up to any weather condition. The most popular foil colours are Rosewood, Golden Oak as they are the most cost effective colours. Irish Oak and Golden Oak are more costly as they are less common.

What if a colour I want isn’t listed?

Are you looking for a colour that is not listed in our foil selection? UPVC windows can be sprayed to any RAL colour, allowing you to choose near enough any colour that your desire. This is done similar to powder coating by using a special uPVC paint called Kilorbond. This technique allows a strong resilient finish, which complies with your 10 year guarantee.

This option is provided when you require a colour which is not available in our foil options or if you require a smooth finish rather than a grain effect,

To see the colours available in the RAL system please visit