What are trickle vents in double glazing?

Over the last couple of decades there has been a huge progression when it comes to double glazing. In addition modern windows are now extremely energy efficient and if installed correctly.  To ensure a window is weatherproof, firstly it must be sealed with silicone around the frame. Correctly fitted windows will make a making a room air-tight. This  prevents unwanted moisture leaving a home. In contrast it is essential that a property is well ventilated to prevent these problems. Above all this is why trickle vents are now installed within double glazed windows.

Trickle vents can be manufactured within double glazing. They can even be installed for instance within uPVC doors such as uPVC back door, French doors, patio doors or even bi-folding doors. The benefits  of trickle vents is to allow air flow through a small controlled vent to allow a circulation of fresh air within a room. By having trickle vents installed within your double glazing will sanction this circulation without the need to open your windows.

What rooms must trickle vents installed?

Rooms that build up a lot of condensation such as bathrooms, cloakrooms (it will remove unwanted smells), laundry room’s ext. We would always recommend adding trickle vents to all double glazed windows if possible.

Did you know that a small family can produce as much as 3 gallons of moisture per day!

Since Peterborough properties are becoming more and more insulated, trickle vents have become a must in all new builds. Trickle vents have been engineered to prevent double glazing problems such as; large amounts of condensation against the inside of the window panes. While damp and mold will develop around the window frames and walls. Or even moldy patches on the ceiling if trickle vents are not installed

Though there are so many reasons to have trickle vents installed within double glazed windows, they do however have advantages and disadvantages.

What are the advantages of having trickle vents in double glazing?

Advantages of trickle vents

Trickle vents can be opened when you go out without the need to open the windows. Small circulation of air will keep the house smelling fresh all day long. These vents are manually operated by simply lifting the vent caps up over.

Disadvantages of trickle vents

Some people do not like trickle vents as they believe that they appear to look ugly and spoils the look of the window frame. Vents are an additional item to clean. It is possible that double glazed windows with trickle vents will allow more noise to pass through the window that a window without these vents. There can also be a possibility that a “whistling” sound can occur if it is really windy.


Trickle vents have many advantages and disadvantages when installed within double glazed windows, however we recommend that trickle vents are installed to window in rooms that produce lots of moisture and require constant ventilation.

If you would like more information on topic or if you are considering having double glazing installed to your Peterborough, Huntington or Stamford property, then please get in touch.