Cost for Double Glazed Windows in Peterborough

Are you annoyed with wasting money on your heating bills due to draughty windows?  The best solution would be to replace your double glazing with A-rated double glazed windows which do not cost the earth. We have vast experience in dealing with draughty windows throughout Peterborough. We install replacement windows to both residential and commercial premises. Our prices are very affordable and cost effective. By replacing draughty windows with our A-rated windows will not only make your Peterborough home look good, but will save you money on your heating as well.

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost in Peterborough

Many home owners would like to know how much double glazing costs in Peterborough. The average cost of double glazing in Peterborough is from £3000 to £8000. This could be much higher if you require non-standard windows and doors! You maybe thinking what is the cost for double glazing in Peterborough? So if you are interested in affordable Double Glazed Windows then  contact our sale representative and we will provide a free quote for your home!

Double Glazing Prices

When purchasing double glazing there are many other factors to consider when calculating the price. Factors such as frame colour and style could easily increase the cost of your windows and doors significantly. If you are looking for affordable priced double glazed windows then contact Peterborough Doors!

Coloured Frames

Affordable Cost Coloured Window Frames in PeterboroughThe price we mentioned earlier were for standard white windows frames. White window frames are the most popular choice throughout Peterborough. However, many home owners are now looking for a different coloured window frame on the outside of their house. By choosing a more modern coloured frame can completely change the overall look of a property. Double Glazing Windows are available in a huge range of colours. It is also possible to have a different shade window on the inside than out.

When taking the cost of windows and doors into account, you must also consider that this will be a major feature to your Peterborough property for many years to come. So by getting it right straight away will be a cost effective practice.

Window Trends

Other considerations would be current tastes and trends. Colour trends do change so you must make sure that you will enjoy your colour choice for many years.

When choosing a colour of your window frame, make sure that it will best suit the rest of your house. You may require to change your fascias, soffits and guttering as they may not match your new colour scheme.

When you factor all of these things into account, you must also be aware that coloured window frames will usually be 10-20% more expensive than the typical white frames. Whilst considering your budget for replacement windows the cost of a white window frame may cost you £420 whilst the grey or black over £500. If you add wood-grain this may also add over £150 per window unit.

Cost for Integrated Blinds

Integrated Blinds PeterboroughIntegrated window blinds are actual blinds that are fitted between the two panes of glass. These integrated blinds can also be manufactured within triple glazed windows. Even though these integrated blinds are installed between two panes of glass, they can still be manually opened, closed lifted and lowered.

Are integral blinds any good?

Integrated blinds are fitted within a sealed unit so they do not affect the window energy thermal efficiency. All of our integrated blinds come as A-rated which will maintain the heat on the inside whilst looking modern and practical as well.

How do integrated blinds work?

A simple magnetic system is incorporated within the window blinds and the inside pane of glass. This allows the homeowner to control the blinds. By sliding the magnet up or down will raise or lower the blinds. Or with a small movement up or down on the magnet this will then tilt the blinds up or down.

Integrated blinds will operate in the same way as traditional blinds. However they are more practical as they will never get dirty or damaged as they are fixed within a sealed unit.

Do they make integrated blinds for bi-folding doors?

Yes, integrated blinds can be manufactured for bi-folding doors, French doors or even patio doors! However, they do have a restriction in overall width which is roughly 1.2m wide per unit. These integrated window blinds are also available in a wide range of colours which will best suit your chosen frame colour.

What is the cost of Aluminium windows?

Aluminium Windows PeterboroughThe cost for Aluminium windows could vary between £400 to £2000 depending on the overall size and style of the window.

Will coloured aluminium windows cost more?

Once our aluminium windows are manufactured to size and specification, they are then powder coated. So we do not charge more for standard colours. However, if you are looking for a different colour on the outside compared to intside this may increase the delivery time but not the cost.

What is the cost for different window styles?

Depending on which window style you choose will affect the overall cost of your double glazed windows. We have highlighted the different style windows which are mostly installed in Peterborough.

What are Casement Windows?

Casement WindowsCost PeterboroughCasement windows are the most popular style window which are installed in most new build properties throughout Peterborough. The casement window sash is attached to a frame via hinges. Normally sash windows open outwards. These Casement windows can have a combination of openings from side hung or top hung. One of the main benefits of casement double glazed windows is the insulation factor. The window sash seals extremely well when the window is closed. This prevents draughts but can be easily be opened widely to maximise air flow when required.

What are Flush Sash Windows?

Flush Sash Windows are designed to maintain a more of a traditional look but with modern technology. The flush sash double glazing window are manufactured to match the appearance of a timber window. The flush sash sits back within the frame just like a timber window. Flush casement windows are ideal for traditional country style properties. With the option for traditional timber style joints, also cottage bars, or even sightlines. These flush sash windows can easily be modified to best suite any Peterborough home.

What are Bow and Bay Windows?

Affordable Cost Bay Window in PeterboroughMany Peterborough homeowners do not know the difference between the Bow and Bay windows! Both the bay and bow windows can be created by a combination of casement window openings. Bay and Bow windows are extremely popular to homes throughout Woodston, Fletton and Stamford.

What is a Bay Window?

Bay windows consist of only three glazed units. As they project to the outside of the home creating additional living space. Making the room to appear more spacious and light due to additional windows. The angles between the three glass units can vary, but normally between 25 – 45degs.

What is a Bow Window?

Bow windows usually consist of either four or five glass units. The angle between each unit is much less than the Bay window which offers a stunning curved attendance. As the Bow windows have more glazed units this provides additional light to enter this living space. Bow windows provide a stunning panoramic view.

What are Tilt and Turn Windows?

Affordable Cost Tilt and Turn Window in PeterboroughTilt and Turn Windows  have mechanical hinges that allow the window to open on two exes. With a slight turn from the handles this allows the window to tilt from the top. This is ideal when allowing a light breeze to enter your Peterborough home. Then when the handles is turned further, this can completely open the window to maximise a full opening. Tilt and turn windows are ideal for easy cleaning and as a use as a fire exit.

To Summarise, 

When looking for replacement the cost for double glazing can vary depending on the style, size and colour. If you would like an additional information or a price for replacement double glazing then please contact Peterborough Doors.