How to extend the life of your double glazing.

Most of Peterborough homeowners are not content with their double glazed windows and doors just looking nice. It is essential that a home is energy efficient, safe and secure, not forgetting resistant to any harsh weather condition. Double glazing should perform to the highest standard, otherwise any under-performance will contribute to an overall reduced energy efficiency.

What are energy Efficient Windows

The most crucial areas that will lose a significant amount of heat loss in a property is via the windows. It is estimated that an average Peterborough home will lose up to 30% of its heating via air leaks and poor energy efficient double glazing. Are you are looking to purchase A-rated energy efficient double glazing? If so, then we advise you to purchase from Peterborough Doors as the glass could save you at least 15% on heat loss. 15% energy conservation can add up significantly over a 12 month period. Especially during the winter months.

Window Styles

Casement windows

Many consideration are required when replacing double glazing, such as the windows style. Most homeowners will replace their windows with casement windows as they are much more popular therefore more affordable.

Flush Sash & Sliding Sash Windows

We also offer other styles such as flush sash, which are ideal for properties in the country such as Holme, Huntingdon or even Woodston properties. Sliding sash windows are extremely popular in rural areas such as Sawtry or Alconbury. Our sliding sash windows offer the appearance of old wooden sliding sash windows however, they are made with uPVC instead. So they look very similar but without the issues and maintenance that wooden windows produce. Sliding sash windows can also be upgraded with wood grain effect. From a distance it will be extremely difficult to identify the difference between them.

Window Openings and Furniture

Another consideration would be the openings. How many windows need to open? Will they be side openers or top openers? Or even a combination. Don’t forget the emergency fire hinges in the bedroom (windows must open 90deg for exit purposes). Not forgetting trickle vents in bathrooms and high vented areas.

Why Change Your Window Frame Colours?

Many Peterborough residence opt for white uPVC windows as they remain simple and cost effective. However, it has become a new trend over the recent decade for replacement windows to have more of a colour to them. By changing the window frame colour can make a home to look more sophisticated and stylish. However, all of these considerations do have an effect on the overall budget. Coloured double glazed units could cost as much as 20% more than standard white uPVC windows. Windows are all made in white then a high pressured film is attached over the window profile which provides the colour. Double glazed windows can have either single or dual colour. Meaning that you can have white on the inside whilst anthracite grey or even black on the outside.

Energy Efficient Windows

UPVC windows are manufactured using an extremely tough plastic. UPVC is extremely high energy efficient with many benefits such as durability and longevity. To ensure that your replacement windows will last to their peak then the frames must be kept clean at all times. This will be achieved by a simply wipe down with a damp cloth. Otherwise, if dirt is left on the frames or sills for a long period of time, staining and discoloration will occur.

How to maintenance your double glazed windows!

Windows take up a huge part of a property, especially if you live in a large home. So, if your are looking to keep them nice in appearance they may require some form of routine window maintenance. Though uPVC windows offer less maintenance than traditional timber windows, they do however still require an occasion wipe down. By wiping these stunning uPVC windows down at least once a month will maintain their beauty and life of the product.

How to clean your uPVC windows and frames

  • Once debris such as leaves, bird poo ext. are removed from your window and window sill, then it is time for a wet sponge to clean them. It is highly important to remove anything clinging to the window. Once the frame are clean then the glass requires a wipe down with either glass wipes or window cleaner.
  • If you are trying to clean a conservatory and cannot reach, then we advise you to use a ladder and extension poles.
  • The best time to clean your windows is when the sun is still out through the mid-day. The sun will help dry the windows and marks will also be visible. If it is just general dirt on your windows then soapy water will do the trick. Please do not use any harsh chemicals as they might damage the frame and violate your warranty.
  • Use warm water with a tough of white vinegar. This can be mixed and placed inside a spray bottle. Spray the frames then wipe them down with a cloth. You may need to wait 2mins before wiping off to get best results. If you have stubborn stains then this method may need to be repeated.

If after cleaning your windows and frames you notice that your frames are becoming to decay or lose its natural colour or even looking a bit aged, then it is time to change your window frames. If you have timber or aluminium frames, don’t worry we can replace these as well. If you have any questions or you have decided to replace your windows for our A-rated double glazing, then please get in touch!