How secure are your windows?

Installing secure double glazed windows to your home is extremely important for two main reasons. Firstly the frames and locks must be resilient to protect your home from unwanted quests. Quality locks and window frames can significantly reduce the threat from intruders. Secondly, by installing windows with opening restrictions, can eliminate the window opening, allowing your home to remain safe from burglars, while allowing adequate ventilation into your room. Restricted openings can also prevent young children from falling out of the window, whilst opened for aeriation.

All of our double glazed window range achieve the British Standards Certification PAS 24:2012. These standards is the minimum criteria required for an average property, so please make sure that your new uPVC windows achieve these levels. All new home builds as of October 2015 must have double glazing installed to these standards, otherwise Document Q compliant will not be obtained.

If you require additional safekeeping then why not opt for our ‘Secure by Design’ accredited window system, which an initiative aimed to reduce crime via secure double glazing, backed by the Police.

Internally breaded windows

‘Beading ‘is the term used for a small strip of uPVC which runs along all four edges surrounding the window glazing. The ‘bead’ is used to hold the window in place after the glazing is initially fitted into the window frame itself.

Previously when purchasing uPVC windows the homeowner had an option for either internally or externally beading. However, burglars developed ways to remove this beading which allowed the windows to be removed externally. This option for externally beaded soon dropped due to security issues, so double glazing is now purely internally beaded. During this earlier period, beading used to be a lot weaker which allowed intruders to peel them off then remove the glass. This is why even the internal beading has become even more vigorous to prevent any reoccurrence.

UPVC Energy Efficient Window Profile

Our stunning uPVC windows are available in a sculptured (curved) or chamfered (bevelled) 70mm window frame. With an amazing choice of either 28mm in double glazed or 36mm for triple glazing. Customers can choice from either our 4-chambered window frame offering supreme energy efficiency, or our 6-chambered profile offering an amazing A+ Window Energy Rating (WER). Bother profiles are available in a vast range of colours, finishes and glazing options.

Multi-point Locking Mechanism

When it comes to window locks there is no better way to secure your home than multi-point locking mechanisms. The multi-point lock secures the locking side of the window via expanding bolts, also through shoot bolts on the top and bottom of the window. This is complemented with ant-jemmy bolt within the hinge side. Prior to multi-point locking mechanisms the thief would be easily be able to break through the windows without disturbing the neighbours. So by obtaining our double glazed units with multi-point locking mechanism leaves only one choice for the intruder, which is smashing the double glazed window itself. As our windows are extremely robust this would take some time and noise which would put many burglars off.

When obtaining uPVC windows make sure that you do check out the quality and security features of the windows, treat this as important as the appearance itself. Make sure that you inform you home insurance company that you have a multi-point locking-mechanism within your window system. This may reduce your insurance premium.

Windows with Key Locking Handles

All of our double glazing range comes with key locking handles as standard. This enhances the difficulty for potential trespassers to make their way through a window whilst opened. This also adds an additional security feature for children’s bedrooms or story flats. By locking the window in a fixed opened position will allow adequate ventilation however, prevents a small child from opening the window and climbing out. Though, in an emergency this window can be easily opened with a window key.

Hinge Side Security Brackets

Our uPVC window profiles are available with tough interlocking brackets that secure the outside of the window frame when the window is fully shut. This prevents the invader from trying to lever the window from the hinge side, pulling the window out of the frame itself.

Emergency Hinges

Windows used for fire escapes have egress hinges built in. This allows the double glazed window to be fully opened outwards to allow maximum room for a fire escape.

Window Opening Restrictions

Double glazed windows with opening restrictions limit how much that windows can be opened. This is achieved by two different methods; either by connecting the sash and the window frame via a cable, or by installing a key-lockable restrictor preventing the window from opening no more than a few centimetres, for ventilation tenacities.

Lockable Window Ventilation Vents

With double glazed windows there is always an option to leave a small 1” gap when locking. This is often regarded as the night position, allowing ventilation during the night period. Though our windows our extremely secure and robust, by leaving any form of gap does provide a small opportunity for a burglar to wrench the window open.

When purchasing new double glazed windows from our company, we offer the prospect of procuring ‘trickle vents’. These are installed above the window frame on the inside of the property, allowing the ability to open these ‘trickle vents’ for ventilation while the window is fully closed, maintaining maximum security for your home.

I you require any additional information in regards to double glazing, please don’t hesitate in getting in touch.