What is a Flush Casement Windows?

Choosing the correct type of double glazed windows is no doubt extremely important as windows play one of the most imperative parts of any home. Double glazing not only provides us with adequate ventilation and natural light, but choosing a beautiful window profile can enrich the aesthetics of any property. This is why we at Peterborough Doors & Windows, are constantly extending our range of windows, allowing a maximum range of window styles and colours for our customers to choose from.

One of our latest double glazed windows that we are offering is a ‘flush’ casement window design. As you may or not be aware, but casement windows are the most popular window in the UK. This is why we opted for that elegant ‘flush’ design offering an extended exquisiteness to what is already a charming window style. The ‘flush’ casement window is best suited with a coloured foil, which is available in our exclusive colour range including; Grey Cedar and Smooth Anthracite. These colours have become extremely popular in modern built properties, we choose these colours as they really complement the ‘flush’ casement window profile. The Grey ‘flush’ casement window truly looks like the traditional flush sash timber window, while the Anthracite window maintains that contemporary look.

What is a Flush Casement Window?

With the flush casement window, the window itself closes flush within the frame, ensuring that there is no discernible lip when observed from outside the window. This smooth look is becoming increasingly popular to our customers throughout Peterborough, Stamford, Spalding, Huntingdon areas, due that their clean stylish neat look and that ultra-flat finish.

Energy Efficiency

As the casement window sits flush inside the window frame itself, this delivers maximum double glazed energy efficiency of ‘A+’. This flush effect eliminates heat loss via the window frame, while offering maximum thermal retention via our energy efficient glazing.

Window Security

When it comes to home security we are constantly looking in ways to keep our customers safer within their homes, this has become one of our foremost priority. Our windows are manufactured in varies ways to out-think burglars methods within our window designs.  Besides that our double glazed windows are rigorously tested to meet the British Standard for Security, this in itself should provide reassurance to our customers that we only provide the highest security on our windows.

Our Window Range is Expanding

All of our expanding window range in all window styles and designs meet every function and performance for our customers’ requirements. With our latest double glazed designs, offer even more flexibility for our customers to decide on how they wish their home to look and feel. So if one of our customers decides to go for a more seamless finish, then our flush casement windows will meet their requirements. We do not only manufacture the best windows, but by installing our new flush casement windows, your home will look the best too!