French Doors vs Sliding Patio Doors

When it comes to large exterior doors there are two main doors that come to mind, the French doors and Patio doors! Both of these stunning doors offer their own individual and unique benefits. We will therefore compare the French doors and the Patio doors throughout this blog explaining the benefits of each. Hopefully by the end of this blog you will be able to decide for yourself which exterior door is best for your home.

The benefits of the French Doors

When it comes to large opening exterior doors then the French doors are one of the most popular styles on the market. This is purely down to their space saving qualities. French doors comprise of two doors fitted within the same door frame. They have the ability of opening a single door as an exit door or both doors for full ventilation. These large French doors offer a huge glazed unit, maximising light into a room. French doors are ideal for those dull and dark rooms as French doors maximise light bringing the outside into your home.

There are many benefits that French doors will bring to your home. With a huge range of styles and colours available ensures that one of our French door styles will be suited to your home and style. The hinges can be easily manufactured to allow the doors to open inwards or outwards to suit your preference. Though French doors are usually installed to open outwards this offers unrestricted access around the doors.

When it comes to security, French doors are manufactured with a multi-point locking mechanism preventing extruders from barging their way through these elegant doors. French doors are available in both uPVC and aluminium, also in either double glazing or triple glazed units. So you can be reassured against any draughts getting into your home.

For additional security not only are these French doors installed with a Yale multi-point locking mechanism. But they have supplementary features like two hooks, bolts which are engaged to the top and bottom of the doors, but deadlocks as well.

Benefits of the Sliding Patio Doors

The sliding patio doors will also offer these space saving quality providing unrestricted access through these magnificent doors. The sliding patio doors comprise of a minimum of two doors. One door is fixed while the other will slide past the fixed door when opened. There are many benefits of these sliding patio doors. Firstly both doors are made with a large glass appearance. This maximises light into the room. The patio door can be manufactured to operate with either the front or back door being the functional sliding door. You can even opt for the main sliding door to be either the left or right door.

For larger openings additional doors can be added. For example you may opt for a three door option however the restrictions would be that only one door would be operational. However one of its main benefits would be that these doors slide past one another so there is no restriction inside or outside the building.

Our sliding patio doors are installed with a composite gasket which offers the ultimate thermal installation. As these patio doors are constructed with mainly glass. We offer safety glass as standard which provides additional safety and security. So you can be rest assured that these windows will not shatter.

These patio doors sliding at ease along their rails. To have access then simply release the lock and push the main door to glide either in front or behind the slave door. The patio doors allow a huge flow of natural light into a room. They will also capitalize on visibility into your garden bring the outside into your home.

Patio doors are ideal if you are looking for a sleek and sophisticated appeal, whilst maximising light and functionality.

The main differences between the French Doors and Sliding Patio Doors

When choosing between the French doors and Patio doors there are a few definite differences which may indicated which door would be best suited for you. The French doors have a wider door frame offering a traditional look which many homeowners aspiration for their homes. When it comes to door features, the French doors and Patio doors have opposing handles and locks due to the structure of either doors style or functionality.

When it comes to space saving inside and outside the door way, the patio doors has this advantage. The patio doors are therefore ideal if a home does not have much space to open the doors outwards or inwards.

Custom Design Your Door

We at Posh Homes Peterborough – offer the ability to customise your door whether you opt for a French door or Patio door. From a huge range of colours including wood effect grain you can design that door to be the envy of any Peterborough property. We even offer dual colour on all of our doors. All of our doors a fitted with high security locking systems as standard. You can even choose the type of hinge including its colour.

Which is better the French door or Patio door?

So we are now proposing the big question, which door is best? Well the purely depends on your own preferences and requirements. Both of these doors are outstanding additions to any property. So if you require space saving then the patio doors will be cost effective. However if you are looking for more of a traditional look then the French doors may be ideal.