How secure is your property?

Will your windows and doors protect you from unwanted guests?

Could you be certain that your windows and doors will protect your home against a burglar? If you are not then you need to keep reading!

When it comes to home security this should be one of your highest priority and never be overlooked. Keeping your family safe from thieves, or even intruders, is extremely important. This is why we at Peterborough Doors believe that our windows and doors are manufactured with the highest security features, providing peace in mind to all of our customers.

If you have ever been unfortunate enough to be a victim of any crime, never mind the inauspiciously of being attacked or burgled within your own home. If so then you can understand how home security is so important.

This is why we at Peterborough Doors offer a huge range of composite doors that will protect your home with the addition security. These composite doors are also available in ‘secure by design’ which is a police initiative to ensure the highest degree for home security.

Our uPVC windows are extremely secure to. They are also Secured by Design (SBD) and meet Part Q which is the requirement for any new buildings. Part Q is also a requirement if you decide to extend your home.

Part Q is the minimum standard for home security this is why our windows and doors achieve SBD which far exceeds this basic standard offering a high level of security instead.

Peterborough Doors and Windows offer the right security measures to prevent any home from being broken-in from intruders!

Does your current windows and doors locks meet the standards for your insurance?

Whenever you take out new home insurance policies you will notice that they require a certain level of lock security. This includes all windows and doors whether we are talking front doors, back doors, French doors or even Bi-folding doors. You may ask yourself why? Well, windows and doors with poor security offer easy access to burglars. With the increase rate in crime, insurance companies are scrutinising near enough everything, on occasions they even refuse to reimburse if the doors and windows don’t meet regulated standards.

What are approved door locks?

So what types of door locks are approved by insurance companies? We have listed three main door locks and window locks that could assist you when it comes to home insurance. However, regardless how secure your windows and doors actually are, if you leave them open, then this could lead to invalid insurance.

Five lever mortice deadlock

The five lever mortice deadlock is one of the most popular types of door locks on the market. All of our uPVC doors and composite doors have these locks installed as standard. The more levers that a mortice lock may have then the greater the security for that door. The five lever mortice lock is quite standard for most entrance door, it is also approved by most home insurance companies to.  Many insurance companies will also provide a discount to your premium if you have a five lever deadlock fitted to your downstairs windows to. These deadlocks must comply with BS3621.

Key operated multi-point locking mechanism

This approved multi-point locking mechanism offers an even better level of door security. The mortice lock operates just like the five point system however when the door is closed it bolts the door into the door frame. These locks are extremely popular within our uPVC doors. When the key is turned the locks simultaneously lock, offering optimum door security.

Key operated window locks

We install all of our windows with window locks. We advise all of our customers to lock each window when leaving the property. These locks are built within the handles which prevent the handle from operating when locked with the key.

Are these locking systems worth the money?

By installing any of these approved window and door locks to your home should help to reduce the likelihood of being burgled. Whether you have an uPVC door, composite door, French doors, patio doors or bifold doors, make sure that your home is safe from intruders.

If you are looking for a replacement door then get in touch as we only install the highest quality locking mechanisms as standard.

What to consider when ordering windows and doors?

If you have old outdated windows and doors then you should consider upgrading these as your home security may be at risk.

Though we can supply you with the most secured locking mechanisms on the market. It is vital that you remember the basic home security steps. Firstly never leave any keys in sight of any windows. If you have a cat flap or dog flap make sure that no one can reach such keys. Never leave any keys under mats or plant pots.

We at Peterborough Windows and Doors offer the approved ‘secured by design’ so that you can be rest assured that your home will be completely secure. So if you are interested in upgrading your windows and doors, then please get in touch with our sale team.