Double Glazing Trends for 2020

Double glazed windows and doors are becoming extremely popular with modern trends such as; large windows with less frame to the return of the sliding patio doors. This is why we at Peterborough windows and doors have decided to put some of the biggest double glazed windows and doors trends together to show what will be popular throughout this year.

Whether you are looking for replacement windows and doors, or looking for a new warm-roof conservatory, we have the best double and triple glazing windows and doors to suit your Peterborough home.

Just like any other fashions, double glazing trends will come and go. However, we at Peterborough doors will emerge some of our popular trends which we will be installing to homes around Peterborough through the summer months.

Energy Rated Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Peterborough homeowners are now becoming very conscious on energy efficiency and how to reduce their energy bills. This is why thermally efficient high performance windows and doors have become a major priority when investing in replacement double glazing. As most heat loss is via the windows and doors this is why installing innovated energy efficient window and doors manufactured from eco-friendly materials is now the new trend. These windows and doors will offer heat retention, cooling and lighting, which are essential whilst sustaining a nice warm property.

UPVC and Aluminium Windows and Doors

When it comes to window and door materials uPVC and aluminium are extremely popular as they are manufactured to minimise the effect on carbon emissions. Both materials indorse the green effect on the environment whilst offering style and sophistication to the Peterborough residential property. All of our uPVC or aluminium windows and doors are designed to incorporate traditional features whilst integrating a modern approach and energy efficiency.

Large Glass Windows with Minimum Sightlines

Interior designers are now stating that one of the biggest trends when it comes to designing a new home is maximum natural light. Many new properties which are being built around Peterborough offer huge windows emerging from floor lever to the ceiling. Privacy is no longer the key issue when purchasing a new property, natural light is now the priority!

The demand for larger windows with less frame has become increasingly popular amongst our Peterborough clients. The sightlines including the window design have always been one of the key features to double glazing. However, new double glazing trends indicate that the glazing is now the main feature with less framing.

One of the main advantages of large double glazed windows with slim frames is obviously the brightness which occurs within the room, not forgetting the momentous views from each room.

Rooms with floor to ceiling modern double glazed windows offer unobstructed views which have become the uttermost trend for 2020.  This is why aluminium has become increasingly popular as they offer minimum sightlines. Aluminium windows are now the leading window material as they can create a bright and stylish living environment which are becoming very popular.

Stylish & Elegant Flush Fit Windows

Your Peterborough home is the heart of your family, so by changing your windows to our stylish Flush Fit will create memories to remember for many years to come. These stunning windows propose inspiration and the most modern look to any home.

These flush fit windows are the latest innovation with a new deep bottom rail associates the period look that timber sash windows provide. Though these double glazed windows look very like the timber frames they still provide the convenience of the energy efficient uPVC window benefits.

These flush fit windows are available with a screw-port located at the bottom of the sash, which creates a more authentic style. Peterborough homeowners are given a choice of either a deep bottom rail located at the bottom of the sash, or a flush sash throughout. The flush fit window profile is designed to enhance the appeal of the traditional window, whilst offering a visually appealing heritage presence.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are back on the trend again, offering a huge glass appearance. Patio doors offer much wider panes of glass than the bi-fold doors. These expanded glass panes deliver a lustrous and spacious expression whilst conveying an imaginary view with enhanced daylight.

Regardless of the huge panes of glass, these sliding patio doors are extremely safe and secure. Sliding patio doors are extremely popular with our modern conservatory selection such as the Livinroof conservatory. They are also very suited to home extensions and modern house projects.

When it comes to heat retention, these stunning sliding patio doors offer A-rated glazing which are also argon filled. So there is no need to worry about keeping the heat in to your home.

Glass Conservatory Extension

Over the recent few years outdoor living has become increasingly popular throughout Peterborough. Glass conservatories have now become one of the most popular demands when it comes to home improvements.

Homeowners are now looking to create an extended living space made with walls and ceiling of glass, so they can experience enchantment views of the garden and the sky, whilst relaxing in their modern style conservatory. Modern conservatories have a more of an architectural look, which is ideal to enhance charm to your home whilst adding additional space at the same time.

With recent research and requests from our Peterborough clients, Lean-To conservatories are now rocketing the Peterborough double glazing market. These Lean-To conservatories are now even more popular than the Victorian conservatory.

Coloured uPVC Window Frames

When it comes to double glazing white window frames are the most common choice. However, matt black has become increasingly popular which is now the colour to look out for over in 2020. These striking black frames blend nicely to both the inside and outside of any Peterborough property. These frames will ensure that your home will remain looking spectacular whether it is a modern or traditional property.

When it comes to popularity grey windows and doors are definitely the most popular colour throughout Peterborough so far. From anthracite grey to a more of a lighter slate grey, these grey windows and doors will easily blend into any modern property. Grey is easily the best selling colour for our composite doors so far.

Whether you require uPVC or aluminium windows and doors there is a huge selection of colours that will best suit your property. We also offer a dual colour scheme, this allows you to choice a different colour for outside to inside. This means that you could choice black or even grey outside and white inside to match your interior décor.

Aluminium Windows

When it comes to replacement windows and doors to Peterborough residential properties, it is important that all requirements are me. Whether it’s the perfect colour match that aluminium offers, or quality, window design or style of edging to suit a client’s home, aluminium remains the perfect choice. It is vital that the homeowner choose the perfect window and door for their home, as these features will last for years to come. However, as aluminium windows and doors offer so many options, customers often find it difficult to begin with.

Aluminium windows and doors are becoming extremely popular throughout Peterborough. Over recent years aluminium windows and doors were popular throughout the industrial environment. Though, more and more homeowners now understand the qualities that aluminium windows and doors offer, this is why aluminium windows and doors have hit the roof.

Why the increase demand for Aluminium Windows and Doors?

Until the recent few years Peterborough homeowners would always choose replacement uPVC windows due to the popularity, ability to retain heat, not forgetting their safety factors. Though it has now become vibrant that aluminium windows and doors deliver a huge number of benefits above its rival uPVC.

Aluminium windows and doors will not expand or contract during change of temperature (summer and winter). Other window and door materials such as timber will warp then eventually lead to draughts.

When it comes to colour choice aluminium windows and doors come with the greatest range, styles and features on the market. Aluminium is a better insulator than uPVC so ideal for windows and doors, therefore reducing energy bills. When it comes to recycling, aluminium can be recycled many times therefore helping with the environment.

Aluminium also offer the slimmest sightlines, allowing greater glazing than uPVC can offer. As aluminium material is extremely strong, this allows window to be manufactured much larger than the uPVC window frames. Aluminium also offers minimum maintenance such as an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth.

Warm Roof Conservatories

Warm roof conservatories, commonly known as warm roof conservatories, have become increasingly popular over the last decade. The main reason for this is due to the ability to transform the age of a conservatory, being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter months. After replacing those outdated polycarbonate or glass roofs with a solid tiled roof will allow Peterborough homeowners to better regulate the temperature within their conservatory. By achieving a more sustainable conservatory allows a more practical living space, which can be utilised all year round.

Why choose a warm roof on your conservatory?

Though the housing market is moving steadily, there are still many Peterborough properties still not selling. This increased competition within the Peterborough housing market indicates that an old style conservatory is not what home buyers are looking for. This is why having a tiled roof installed to your conservatory will completely change an old inefficient conservatory into a warm roof extension. By simply changing your old conservatory roof to a tiled roof system, could make your conservatory look brand new.

Our tiled conservatory roofing systems comply with building regulations, we also issue a 10 year warranty for peace of mind.