What are the different types of conservatory roofs?

When we consider the different types of conservatory roof, the best option depends on what you need to achieve, not forgetting your budget and type and location of your conservatory. One of the most popular types of conservatory roof is glass, as this allows lots of light into your home. The tiled conservatory roof is now being extremely popular especially our Guardian conservatory roof, as it is a less expensive than a home extension.

The tiled conservatory roof otherwise known as solid roofs, do not allow mush light into the room however, they can be fitted with roof windows to lighten the room, they also provide outstanding insulation keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

If you require a more budget alternative to glass, then many people opt for polycarbonate plastic, though plastic is will not insulate as well as glass. Polycarbonate conservatory roofs do not benefit from the high-technology which our glass has such as self-cleaning and anti-glare features.

Popular roofing options:

Glass conservatory roof options:

The glass conservatory roofs are the best way to bring more light into the room. There are many types of glass to consider when you are looking for a new conservatory roof.

Thermally efficient conservatory roof

The thermally efficient glass roof reduces the amount of heat loss, while preventing the cold from entering your home. These glass roofs have double glazed panels filled with energy efficient gas, we can also protect these panels with a special coating.

Self-cleaning conservatory roof

The self-cleaning glass roof has a special coating which reacts with the sunlight to help the break-down of dirt, then the rainwater cleans the glazing. The self-cleaning glass will save you many hours of climbing and scrubbing your conservatory roof, especially in those hard-to-reach places.

Tinted conservatory glass roof

Conservatory glass roofs can get extremely bright, especially in the summer time, tinted glass is the ideal solution to reduce such glare and high intensity sun light.

Solid conservatory roof

The solid conservatory roofs can be the ideal solution for temperature control, they provide brilliant insulation for those cold winter periods, while reducing the sun glare and light intensity from those warm summer days.

Though solid conservatory roofs will not make your roof as bright as the glass roof will, we do however have many roof lighting options such as the Velux-style windows. We could even combine the solid roof panels with glass roof panels, creating a more modern combination allowing light into those places required, and reducing glare in others.

Tiled conservatory roof

The tiled conservatory roofs can be the ideal solution for an alternative to a house extension. Tiled roofs provide effective insulation against all weather conditions. The tiles can also be matched to blend in to the rest of your property. The tiled conservatory has also another benefit, the tiles do not require cleaning as often as those glass roofs. A tiled roof conservatory will not allow much light into the room compared to the glass roof, although we have many window options if required.

Polycarbonate conservatory roof

A much cheaper alternative to a glass conservatory roof is the polycarbonate plastic roof. As mentioned earlier, they are not as effective in maintaining accurate room temperature. They also allow much more noise and light glare, while providing a lot less natural light into the room.

Whilst comparing the various types of conservatory roofs the glass roofs are a lot more expensive compared to those polycarbonate plastic, but they provide a lot more qualities and are a much better long-term investment compared to polycarbonate plastic. The innovative glass technologies offer benefits such as tinted glass, energy efficient glass also self-cleaning properties.

Can I replace my conservatory roof?

If you have an existing conservatory then it is highly unlikely that you will require planning permission to replace your conservatory roof. If you contact our conservatory team, we will send out a conservatory survey to provide you with a quote which will include an assessment to whether you require planning permission or not.

If you feel that your complete conservatory is of poor quality or does not meet your requirements, then you may consider replacing it rather than just the roof. Our survey will advise you with the cheapest and also the best method for your requirements.