Premium Solid Core Doors Collection

Peterborough Doors is proud to announce our premium solid core doors. These doors are manufactured with robust Nordic wood, engineered with extraordinary strength and performance, featuring top-class aesthetics to the Peterborough home owner’s aspiration.

Our premium solid core door collection is manufactured to the highest standard engineered with the finest materials, offering a sophisticated entrance to your Peterborough home, without mentioning its unparalleled performance. These doors are designed with thick Nordic pine Centre encased with a (GRP) glass-reinforced plastic skin, ensuring that this door will endure any weather condition, preventing warping, swelling or discoloring.

The solid wooden core is also cross-bonded providing the ultimate strength, improving the lateral bending strength and stiffness to the door panel. The premium solid core door has a lifestyle of approximately 35 years this is down to the reduction in moisture-dependent variation across the width of the panel.

These solid core doors are extremely durable, providing an individual look to your home, they are also available in a huge variety of contemporary and traditional styles. Not forgetting an impressive colour selection, premium glass options, and inclusive secure hardware preferences.