Creating a Comfortable Working Environment with Double Glazing

Since the lockdown in 2020 the total number of people working from home in Peterborough has shot up. During the lockdowns it was necessary to allow businesses to function by working remotely allowing operations to continue. However, once the lockdowns had been lifted, many Peterborough homeowners continued to work remotely. It seems like many companies have continued to have their staff work from home, this makes it extremely important when it comes to changing your old windows to double glazing.

It is now more important than ever to make your Peterborough home a more comfortable environment. Not forgetting whilst reducing household heating bills at the same time. Throughout the post we will explore how replacement double glazing will help you achieve this.

The rise of working from home

Remote working has been on a rise over the past decade. There is no denying that 2020 coronavirus has amplified homeworkers. By April 2020 the UK had hit its peak with a staggering 60% of the adult population working from home.

During the past year employers and employees have now discovered many benefits from remote working. Employees will no longer needed to get up so early and commute through Peterborough’s heavy traffic. This also helps cutting the carbon footprint. By reducing traveling times allows more work flexibility, balancing work with family commitments.

Employers have now started to reduce office space. This reduces the overall business cost which additional office spaces create. During a survey in Peterborough, 75% of workers said that they had an increased productivity whilst working remotely. Employees believe that they have more distractions whilst working from their Peterborough office than at home.

Creating a comfortable home office

Working from home has many benefits. However, there are still a few hurdles that must need jumped, in order to create a comfortable work environment.

Most people have now found a spare space in their house to work from. Some have even converted their garage or a spare room into an office. However, to make this a more suitable place to work, here are a few issues that need to resolve.

Noise Reduction

One of the many distractions that occur is the noise. Most people did not notice how raucous their home is until they have started working from home. Noises such as the TV can easily be switched off to help you concentrate again. Though, outside noises such as traffic, children playing in their gardens, or even your neighbours talking in their garden, can make it near enough impossible to concentrate.

Fortunately, Peterborough Windows & Doors offer double glazing that will help to keep the noise out. If you live in a very noisy neighbourhood then triple glazed windows will be ideal for you.

Double glazing and triple glazing are manufactured to dissipate sound waves. A rated double glazing can also reduce noise levels down by 80%. Triple glazing can offer a stagger 90% noise reduction.

Many customers prior to the installation of replacement double glazing had developed sleeping issues. If your home is next to a busy Peterborough motorway or main road, the noise can be outrageous. One customer needed to sleep with the radio on to drum out the blare of the traffic. Lack of sleep during the night, then the distraction of traffic throughout the day can make it virtually impossible to work well from home.

How does double glazing reduce noise?

To reduce the amount of noise entering a home via the window you must firstly improve the barrier between the sound and the ear. This can be achieved by doing the following:

  • Replace your windows with A-rated double glazing which will have a larger gap between the two panes of glass.
  • Get thicker glass
  • Install triple glazing which adds a third layer and second gap to illuminate noise.
  • Replace old poorly fitted glazing which may have not been installed correctly.

Double Glazing provides a sound proofing solution

Double glazing delivers a sound proofing barrier especially if you are replacing poorly-fitted single glazed windows! The larger the gap between each pane then the better the sound insulation. If one pane is slightly thicker than the other pane then this will enhanced further reduction of noise. An example would be to have a 6mm glass on the outside and a 4mm on the inner. The gap between each pane acts as an insulated barrier, while the difference in thickness changes the sound waves as they travel through them.

Laminated glass usually comes with a 6.4mm pane on the outside, this offer additional sound proofing.

Sound proofing with triple glazing

Adding an extra pane of glass by installing our triple glazed windows will enhance your overall sound insulation. Like with our double glazed windows, if the panes are manufactured to different thicknesses this increase it even more.

Soundproofing your windows FAQs

How can I make my windows more sound proof?

Before you jump into replacement double glazing we suggest that you take a good look at the condition of your current windows.

  • Does the window seal correctly when closed?
  • How many panes of glass does your present window have?
  • Can you hear obvious sound leaking via any parts of the window?
  • Have the trickle vents been left open?

If the trickle vents are open then close them then see if the noise reduces. If the windows are single glazed then we recommend that you have replacement double glazing. If you live near loud noise pollution then we recommend triple glazing. Additional acoustic glass will make much a difference reducing noise.

If your current double glazing is in good condition then maybe they were not installed correctly. If these windows had not been measured and installed correctly then it is possible that noise could be coming through the gaps around the window frame. When installed correctly this space should be either filled with foam or silicon. This not only acts as a weather seal, but a noise closure too.

How much does double glazing cost?

This is an extremely difficult question to answer as there are so many different variations and styles of window.

These include:

  • The size of the window
  • Colour of frame
  • Various openings
  • Toughened or non-toughened glass
  • Double glazed or triple glazed

If you are looking for a quote then a photograph and rough dimensions in mm will do for most cases.