The Future of Double Glazing is the Flush Timber Look!

One of the biggest changes within the double glazing market is how so many window manufacturers and fabricators are trying to mimic the perfect timber look therefore opting for the flush sash windows. The reason why will be revelled throughout this double glazing blog!

With so many improvements to the aesthetics to the casement window, but the casement window will never look as original as the flush sash window. With the casement windows overlapping the frame, offering the appearance of a more bulky style compared to the traditional timber appeal. Even with the wood-grain finish, these casements windows look stunning, but still look different than the original timber window.

The flush sash window has proven to be a game changer when it comes to a more of a genuine timber look. Even though both products are made from the same uPVC materials, they both provide a totally different look. Casement windows have been around for decades, which offer an affordable and maintenance free solution to the timber window. However, the flush sash windows provide a more genuine look as the sash sits flat against the frame just like the timber window. This is one of the reasons why flush sash have really taking off especially within rural areas where homeowners can install the perfect alternative.

This is why the future of double glazed windows will be flush sash windows. Flush sash windows can operate and configured exactly the same way as casement windows. They can be manufactured to have the same size openings, whether they are side or top. You can opt for either double glazing or triple glazing, toughened or laminated. For bedrooms these flush sash windows will be installed with emergency exit hinges, allowing these window opening to fully operate to 90 degrees for exiting.

The flush sash sits nice and flat against the frame. They also offer a smooth appearance with no overlapping. The front of these windows looks very clean compared to the casement.

For those Peterborough customers who are looking for replacement double glazing however looking for something that bit different than the norm, then this is the perfect solution.

If the house-owner opted for timber-look joints, then these windows would look even more like traditional windows. These timber looking joints offer the appeal of those mechanical timber joint. So with all of these benefits of the flush sash windows compared to their competitor’s v-welds, leaves no option but to go with the flush sash windows.

Near enough every double glazing manufacturer is heavily investing within the flush sash system. However, there are many cheaper versions on the market which we would always stay safe from. The more expensive flush double glazing offer much more quality and sophisticated looks compared to cheaper alternatives. So if you can afford the upper end flush systems then go for it, if you cannot then we would say stay with the casement windows.

As you may image the flush windows are a huge leap compared to the standard casement windows. However, as their popularity increases, then eventually their price will reduce. This happens as technology becomes cheaper when there is greater demand. As technology prices decrease double glazing companies will become more competitive therefore reducing their prices to beat competitors.

Though the flush sash windows are heavily on the higher end of the double glazing market, they will eventually become more affordable. As prices decrease other parts of the market such as Peterborough and Stamford councils or local house builders may move to these flush window systems in the near future.

Flush sash windows do not necessary need to be manufactured with timber-look joints or timber foil grain appeal. Even with a smooth flush flat finish will create a facelift for any building.

As we have already stated throughout this blog that flush sash windows will remain for the short future at the upper scale of double glazing. But as these systems advance, we will certainly see composite entrance doors becoming flush sash or even French Doors. This emergence of the flush system will eventually include all window and doors systems.

One of the main issues with the flush sash windows is weather performance. As the casement windows have a double rebate which deflects the rain from the windows. The flush sash however relies on a gasket which is compressed between the sash and the window frame. This gasket prevents rain or window entering the property. For those low end flush sash windows, the gaskets do not perform to the same quality as those on the upper end, therefore creating weather performance problems to the customer. These gaskets need to be long lasting and reliable otherwise you will have issues.

So to conclude, flush sash windows will eventually become the most popular choice when it comes to double glazing.  Mechanical joints may not be as popular due their additional costs compared to welded joints. If these mechanical joint are going to increase in popularity then they must be reliable, robust with a long lifespan.