Why is my Double Glazed Window wet on the inside pane?

Double glazed windows are manufactured comprising of two panes of glass which are separated by a small gap which is then filled with either air or gas. This gap is designed to act as an additional barrier, reducing heat loss whilst creating noise reduction.

If you have had double glazed windows for a considerable amount of time, you may have noticed small droplets of water developing between these two panes of glass. These droplets could have entered from the bottom of the unit or even trickled from the top.

So how and why is this water residue building up within the double glazing? Simply the seal around the double glazed sealed unit has damaged or broken. This can occur over time and even the finest gap or hole will eventually allow moisture from the air to get through. This will leave the double glazed windows wet between the panes.

So why am I getting condensation in my double glazed windows?

Many homeowner wonder why they are getting condensation on their double glazed windows. The answer is very much the same. A seal is broken and the moisture has built up and is now trapped within the glazing unit.

When the droplets are heated up during the day time sun, the moisture is then vaporised back into a gas. The gas is then drawn onto the cold surface of the inside glass within double glazing, which will develop condensation once again.

Condensation looks far worse than small water droplets in the bottom of the glazed unit. It can mist up within the double glazed window making the window look an eye saw. Unlike condensation on the inside or outside of a window, you cannot wipe it off.

So what is behind water and condensation and how to we fix the problem?

So whether its water droplets or a build-up of condensation inside your double glazing, it can be extremely annoying. To remove the problem then you must understand what is causing this first.

So as indicated earlier, the first problem is the seal being broken somewhere around the glazed unit. Secondly, how is the moisture getting in?

Within a family home there are many day-to-day activities that will release moisture into the air within your home. These include cooking, kettles, washing machines, dryers, shower etc. It is common knowledge that home appliances contribute to around 10 pints of water for every 8 pints that they use as fuel. Normal breathing can contribute to around 50ml of water per hour. So the more people within a household the more water is produced within the air.

We may not be able to stop using these appliances but we can minimise the amount of moisture that will remain in your home. Which will eventually contribute to condensation. The easiest way to do this is to keep the room well ventilated.

By opening a window when these appliances are running will help to release a build-up of moisture and allow it to escape out of your home.

Opening a window or door may not be ideal especially on a night time or if you are going out. You can however, open a window onto the first handle setting. This will allow the windows to be secure whilst permitting moisture to escape. If you have trickle vents, these can also be opened which will illuminate moisture.

Replacement Windows

On many occasions trying to eliminate a build-up of condensation within a broken unit can be extremely difficult. The only way to resolve this issue maybe replacement double glazing. New glazing will have new seals which will immediate stop moisture getting in. Changing all of your double glazing can get quite expensive especially if you live in a large home. The cheaper alternative would be to change just the sealed units which have become damaged allowing moisture build up.

Window Repair

To repair double glazed windows with condensation, a hole is drilled between the panes of glass, then the entire unit is then resealed preventing moisture getting back in.

Though this method often works, it’s not 100% ideal and should not be a long-term solution.

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