What is a casement window?

Casement double glazed windows are extremely popular throughout Peterborough. The casement is also one of the most popular types of window style today. There are many reasons for their popularity. Firstly, uPVC casement double glazing windows are extremely easy to clean, especially if they have an easy clean system installed. Do you have dull rooms that you require lots of natural light? If so, casement double glazing windows will do exactly that! Not only will they brighten up any room but they will provide lots of ventilation and airflow too! In this post, we will explore what these casements are, how they work, and why they’re so popular throughout Peterborough.

How does a casement uPVC window operate?

There are many different types of windows however, the casement is a type of window that opens outward just like a door. When a casement is opened, it will swing outward until parallel with the outer wall of your Peterborough home.

The casement window can also be upgraded to the Flush Casement window. This allows the uPVC casement window to be manufactured to have a more of a timber look appearance.

Casement windows have been around since the 1400s.

Casements are the most traditional windows within the UK. They have been around since the 1400s. Casement windows were even used in castles and manor houses. Today, the casement window is still the popular form of double-glazed window in Peterborough. This is due to how practical they are, as they have the ability to open outwards or inwards. Those properties with restricted outside space will opt for these inward opening casement windows. Busy shops on the high street or properties with an alleyway next to their home will also choose this design. As windows that open outwards would not be practical in these situations.

These double glazed windows are also extremely common within churches, shops, flats, residential properties not forgetting commercial buildings.

A casement window will lighten up any property!

When it comes to dark dingy properties these stunning windows are outstanding for letting lots of natural light into a room. The casement double glazed windows are typically quite large producing lots of glass. The window openings are also quite large which means that when they are opened wide, lots of air can circulate throughout your Peterborough home. If you are concerned about privacy, don’t be alarmed. Many houses have curtains or blinds to prevent the outside from seeing into your property. We at Peterborough Doors will also offer integrated blinds too. Integrated blinds are blinds that are installed between the two pains of glass. The advantage of these blinds is that they will never need to be cleaned. They will also make your double-glazing look fresh and stylish.

Energy Efficient Windows

Casement double glazed windows are extremely energy efficient. The uPVC frames are manufactured using a chambered structure within the frame. The chambers are designed to trap air into the frame (just like a cavity within a house), which will result in a warmer frame. The glass we install is A-rated, which results in an energy efficient window system. When these windows are closed, they provide an air tight seal preventing heat escaping through the window during those cold winter months. The A-rated glass will also help maintain a cooler room during the summer months.

When it comes to installation, casements uPVC windows are far easier to install compared to other type of windows such as the sliding sash. It is also one of the most cost effective double glazed window style on the market!

High Security Windows

When it comes to home security these casements are one of the best windows systems to install. When the double-glazed window is locked, they have hooks that will make it extremely difficult for an intruder to break in via that window. The hinges and cranks are also additionally designed to prevent force from the outside. Additional devises can also be installed to strength the sash from being forced opened via a crowbar or other devises.

Easy Maintenance

When it comes to window maintenance the casement uPVC window is extremely simple. As these windows open outwards this makes it easy to wipe down the windows on both sides. With an easy clean hinge, cleaning down your windows could not be easier. By simply pressing in on the button, allows the sash to slide. This allows the window sash to be moved into the center of the frame making it very simple to clean.

Additionally, as the hinges are not exposed to the elements and there are no sliding components or vertical tracks, this prevents additional debris building up. Therefore, making the casement window one of the easiest windows to maintain.

Choosing the right Casement Window

Peterborough Doors offers a customised casement double glazed window manufactured exactly to your specifications. Using A-rated energy efficient double or triple glazing, with hardware to complement the design. All of our windows are extremely durable whether you choose uPVC or Aluminum. The casement can also be designed to have a combination of different openings such as left opening, right opening, top or bottom openings. They can also be customised with a combination of each.

We have many years of experience to assist you to get the perfect designed window. So, if you are looking for replacement double glazing, our customer services will help you every step of the way.


If you’re thinking about replacing your double glazing, casement windows are a great option. Casement windows are beautiful and easy to maintain, not forgetting extremely energy efficient. With an Easy Clean option makes these stunning windows the ideal choice when it comes to replacement double glazing. If you have any further questions regarding casement windows then please contact us today!